A Bonnet Giveaway!

Featured Sponsor- Bella Sol Bebe

I love bonnets for my babes as much as I love summer. Bonnets are light weight, pack in a diaper bag almost to the size of an Altoid tin and sheild from the sun’s rays. On our island, the sea’s breeze seems to penetrate tiny ears and a sun bonnet is just the thing to keep ear aches at bay. Bonnets make breast feeding discrete and sweet sunburned baby cheeks a thing of the past.

I’m so excited to announce Bella Sol Bebe as a Baby By The Sea sponsor. Baby Olive has been rockin’ the same bonnet since our first beach trip back in April.


It’s been in salt water and chlorine, machine washed, sprayed with sunscreen and very well loved. This bonnet, still, looks great.

We’ve logged a lot of hours at the pool lately. Funny, I know, living on an island and swimming at a pool a hundred yards from a beach. The fifty-two degree ocean water just isn’t forgiving when Betty wants to practice her cannonballs and tea parties underwater for hours on end. Plus, Olive doesn’t eat seashells, sand, kelp, sea glass, or rocks at the pool. We bring her cool green chair and she watches her sisters swim.


Then she splashes around in the baby pool while wearing a super adorable and quick drying bonnet, of course.



And if all goes to plan, she falls asleep amidst splashes of joy under the shade of an umbrella.


These beautiful reversible baby bonnets are handmade by Bella Sol Bebe and use the coolest fabric possible. The Bella Sol Bebe SEAMLESS BRIM BONNET features an original design with a seamless brim, which allows you to wear it down, or fold it back as much or as little as you want. The Bonnet fastens at chin with three sets of adjustable metal snaps.

Did I mention she has the greatest boy bonnets, too, that look like hip baseball hats in fun prints, stripes and khaki – even zoo print?!? Really. Check it out here.

Check out their wonderful Etsy shop here or their new website here. Bella Sol Bebe Children’s Wear is on Facebook, and Twitter, too, as bellasolbebe.

This month Bella Sol Bebe will give readers a 10% discount on all Bonnet purchases. Just enter babybythesea at checkout at the Etsy shop here. Remember to enter a size, also, at time of checkout.

Bella Sol Bebe Bonnets come in all sizes, 0-3 months (xs) – 2T/3T (xl) and is totally willing to tweak the size to satisfy all customers — just ask!

So, Bella Sol Bebe is offering one lucky reader a free bonnet or boy baseball bonnet. This lucky individual will be able to pick size, style and fabric. Woohooo!

How? Simple.

Become a Follower of this blog (if you aren’t already) and leave a comment about where this bonnet would go. Olive’s bonnet just went to the Farmer’s Market on our tiny island. Would yours go to the subway? A snow-capped mountain peak perhaps? Or a sunset picnic?

So, become a follower and on August 17th a following-reader will be chosen at random.

Good luck and Happy August.


  • Nicole says:

    How absolutely lovely!! I am so happy your sweet little has gotten such wonderful use of her bonnet this season, and I can't wait to see who wins the giveaway!!

    Who will it be ????

    Thanks much~!!

    Nicole~Bella Sol Bebe Bonnets :o)

  • Marlis says:

    If I should win a lovely bonnet (and I'm going to blow on an aging dandelion to make a wish that I do), It shall be worn by the wee babe that makes her residence in my tummy until sometime in November/December.

    Like her 2 and 1/2 year-old brother, she'll have to follow her 11 and 1/2 year-old brother around A LOT, and so will her bonnet–to soccer games, ultimate frisbee games, and playing outside in his schoolyard.

    P.S. Never thought about the breast-covering capabilities of this bonnet–wayyyy into that too!

    Can't wait to find out who wins!


  • Ever since I saw Betty, Lucy & Olive in these Bonnets I've wanted one for myself… Do they come in size 34T? If I am the lucky winner, which I will be praying for every night, I would take my bonnet and baby all around the island, and then hit the road in October for the Library's Tricycle Music Festival. He'll look like such a hipster.

  • Val Curtis says:

    These are adorable. That bonnet would go on the head of a little baby girl, yet to be named, yet to be born who will take her first adventure out into the sunshine with something cute on her head!!

  • Elissa says:

    oh please count me in! her things are beautiful! not sure if i could be generous enough not to get it for my sweet girl if i were to win, but i would probably pick one for my baby nephew and it would travel to my house so i could smooch him in it!

  • Oh boy! If I won a bonnet, our bonnet would come on family bow-shoots and elk meat cook outs at 10,000 feet!
    *now off to become a follower.

  • My bonnet would go to Iowa and sit on top of the sweetest little kernel of corn you have ever seen…Taylor Grace born on 7/10. Sent with love from her favorite auntie!

  • TheresaT says:

    Oh so adorable, if I won a bonnet this bonnet would go on top of my beautiful sons head wherever we went!

  • Who could resist being a follower of this lovely blog? Not me, I take care of a one year old who still looks pretty bald so the cute bonnet would cover her head as we play in the sprinkler, swing and slide headfirst at nearby playgrounds.

  • Nicole says:

    Hey Jenn!

    Just wondering if there's a winner yet ? 🙂 Drop me a line friend!


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