A Weekend in Season

Friday began with a stomach ache of the worst kind

nerves so thick I couldn’t  finish my coffee

eight years since I lead a classroom

convinced they’d call me Mrs. My Last Name and I wouldn’t turn around

Kindergarten sub, my daughter’s teacher for the day

puppets, songs, dance breaks,

days of the week, numbers on a grid

so nervous 

giggles at my squirrel puppet voice

then in one moment, neighbors chatting at my feet

so nervous until I saw them as

tiny people, Tooth Fairy believers

slipped back into it, knew what to do

it was so fun to teach Lucy, her pals

spend a recess at the perimeter.

so tired at the end, in need of a nap, a mocha

unaware of the order, ready for next week

me:  substitute teacher, an older grade.

Luke spent week’s start better part

in sideways rain, twenty mph gusts with a head cold

put up lights at Memorial Park for town’s tree lighting

so, naturally at dark

on Friday for the countdown

we were late, nontheless

arrived to a spectacular glow in an old tree,

a children’s choir singing in Santa hats

hands, noses cold while we mingled around a closed street

until the ferry came,

street opened, impromptu dinner invite accepted

casserole, cookies, late night talks:

full with holiday cheer.

Saturday’s off island adventure

another island’s pool,

Mermaid School, Betty called it

a dive clinic

for our firstborn on the team

sisters stood, watched in awe

proud of their brave sister,

youngest of the deep water bunch

in and splash and out and in and splash and out

until tears, nerves gave way to

smiles, giggles, pride

we swam until the next ferry frame

snuck in a short dinner with an old island pal

bought our ticket, loaded without wait

a long day; a good day.

It’s mornings like Sunday

I know how much he loves me

I didn’t even hear the Barbie play laughter, three sister cheers for oatmeal, for hot chocolate

I slept until 10:40 am,

slipper shuffled the last stair

as he handed me a coffee.

We sat , sipped and refilled for an hour, talked to family far, near on the telephone.

By one, books on the sofa

I knit, he worked on our truck

by two, three girls were napping

a decision all on their own.

Up and moving by five,

power outage for him, dance party for them

dinner, cookies, pajama evening snuggles.

a lingering cold, out the door

made the most of a rainy, cold, pajama day

low and slow, just like we needed it to be.


as always, joining Amanda for Weekending.



  • karen says:

    I am so glad your first day of school was a success. I can only imagine the nerves, I’ve been out of my career for over 20 years. Sounds like you found a wonderful way to spend the day (and get paid!!) what could be better? Lovely weekend!

  • Summer says:

    congrats on your first day of school! I was a preschool teacher for ten + years before staying home with my baby. Those young ones can be tough! 🙂 Sounds like you did it with flying colors!

  • MJ says:

    wow! what a leap, and what a grand success :). Congrats friend !! and your weekend sounds like it was truly marvelous…mermaid school, I love that! Hope you week is full just the same!

  • Liam says:

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