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The Middle Six: a Love Letter to My Daughter on her Birthday

Dear Lucy, Six years ago I carried you for way longer than I had anticipated.  Inside, you swirled for what felt like a lifetime on full bed rest and then, as your wit and determination would later show, when the timing was your way, you made your way.  You were born on another island, on […]

On Mamalode, A Different Kind of Role Model

Today, I’m honored Mamalode published one of my favorite essays I ever wrote.  It’s called A Different Kind of Role Model. An excerpt: I’ve started to tell my daughters that I’m beautiful. I look in the mirror and with them by my side I say, I look good. Saying so is part of believing so. And […]

Just Write: Olive at Limekiln Lighthouse

A little before halfway through the day, I figured I should do something I’d always been meaning to do.  Outside, little wind, full sun and pouffy clouds.  Inside, I packed an Olive picnic, knitting project and sunglasses.  A usual circling of our minivan for errands and a mocha before I turned down the music and […]

Weekending: A Run on March

it occurred to me right after I heard, Go! I wasn’t running just the 10k and not the whole half as I’d said over and over in the parking lot when asked I was running the whole 10k, like last year when I said I was running the whole half marathon so I ran, proud […]

Weekending into Spring, 2013

Friday’s sunshine came late showed up first covered in grey rain held tight after school drop off & since I’d slept in with a promise I wouldn’t drink coffee until I ran I pushed Olive in the stroller, running it seemed in circles up & down hills so easily she falls asleep this way, still, […]