Been Caught Stealin’: Today’s Mama, Wagon Avenger

Truth:  There’s still a bit of a Massachusetts girl that lives inside me that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.
Truth:  There’s not much I won’t do for my girls, especially if someone makes them cry.
Here’s the Facebook status to prove it:
Wow. I pull my kids in the wagon to the movies, two girls steal it while we’re watching the movie. I walk the streets of this tiny town, find them in our wagon, chase them down, snap a photo and get it back.  Don’t mess with this mama!

I wrote the entire heroically hilarious story in my Today’s Mama column.

Wagon Avenger 

Why?  Mama, why?  But it’s older than me and we’ve had it for so long!  Why?In the damp grey cold of an early Sunday evening, hours before the year’s first full moon shone through thick, grey-flannel clouds, we walked to the movies…  

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