bonnets, oh my & good bye [almost] August

Forgive me, blog, for I have lapsed. It’s been 21 days since my last post. The computer has been turned off, the camera’s image card is nearly full and my flip flop toes are sandy. My purse is still loaded with Maine maps and Cambridge receipts. Blue County Fair ribbons are on my dashboard. I’ve been squeezing all the fun I can out of summer, like licking the last sweet bits from a glass of fresh lemonade. To prove it, our babes are tucked in well past nine and I’ve been asleep by eleven o’clock.

Normally, I slipper about the house with a midnight mocha and get stuff done. My recent long slumbered stretches are great, yes, but it’s cutting into my type, sew and/or photo-edit time. Setting my alarm before the family rises won’t work. I’m not a morning person, although I’m supposed to be as a mother of three, but, no. Productivity doesn’t come easily before coffee and ten a.m.

Olive’s going through a phase and it has me by the scruff of the neck – it has me taking deep breaths around corners. It’s like she prefers to be held up by my shoulder, as if a hip hold is too far from me. She’s devastated when I put her on the floor; no toy or book or peek-a-boo will make floor play fun. She follows me around at my heels, shrieking and begging to be picked up. So I wear her. A lot. When I used to wear her she’d fall asleep. Now she’s playful, tugging hair and wanting to nurse for seconds every other second. She’s cut six teeth in three weeks. Ouch.

I know separation anxiety doesn’t last long and since Olive is my last baby I should soak up this stage. But….it’s….stiffling….


Oh, dear. Oh, deer.

On the night of August 12th, a deer hit me. And on the night of August 25th, I hit a deer.

Deer #1: During the Perseid’s Meteor shower I slipped out of my sleeping house near midnight in black pajamas and stood in the dim, dark shadow of my home. My head was braced way back, while my legs were in a sort of warrior pose as I counted a first one, then three more and, oh, so many meteors. I was barely breathing while looking up.

Then, a buck with velvety antlers knocked into my far reaching leg. His leg felt like a stick, moss covered, and his presence made me scream. But my fear had me holding my breath so no noise came out. Just like one of those nightmare screams that’s more like a whisper so no one comes to help. The deer spazzed out, ran lumpy circles in the pavement, before running off to tell his friends.

I ran inside and woke Luke, who felt it was too bad it wasn’t hunting season and told me I just had my once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounter. He wanted to back to dreaming, but I said:

But the meteors are amazing and I’m afraid of the deer, dear. Won’t you come with me?

Deer #2: The sound system in my minivan sucks. I have four sparkly-rattly speakers that make me dream of a Bose-infused racecar, not to mention passengers that would wear ear plugs so I could blast tunes like I used to. And while I’m at it, I dream of a drive that lasts longer than twenty minutes and aren’t island-limited

Anyway, two nights ago, I tucked Olive into her car seat for an evening nap and drove to say good-bye to a hip & intelligent friend who’s moving to a big city.

I dusted off an old Phish CD, moved the sound to the front and nostalgically sang along. Then I thought:

Huh. This would be a strange place to get into a car accident. There’s cars in the other lane, and the guardrail there would be a bummer.

Then I thought of my coarse Massachusetts driving instructor and how on one high school day he told me:
Always, always aim at the squirrel in the road. Never Swerve.

A the end of Bouncing Around the Room a thin lady deer jumped out in front of me. And I straightened my arms and aimed at it. I was afraid of the swerve. I closed my eyes at the thump. Then I stopped. I wipered the deer pee from my windshield and looked in my rear view to see the lame deer rise and stumble far into the woods. I pulled the car over at the next gravel road and cried for close to thirty minutes. Olive never woke up; a scratch was never found on my car.


Now, all three nap. And, lovely bonnets, I have not forgotten! Thanks to for picking the Bella sol Bebe bonnet winner. Congratulations, Marlis! The tiny little lady in your tummy will have a pretty hat to shield her from our windy winter weather and early spring sun.

Check out their wonderful Eysy shop here or their new website here.

Bella Sol Bebe Children’s Wear is on Facebook, and Twitter, too, as bellasolbebe. And, oh my, Bella Sol Aprons! I am in love with the Kitchen Princess Reversible Apron and I think you will be, too. I’m partial to this fabric (since it’s what Olive wears)…

Bella Sol Bebe Bonnets come in all sizes, 0-3 months (xs) – 2T/3T (xl) and is totally willing to tweak the size to satisfy all customers — just ask!

Bella Sol Bebe will give readers a 10% discount on all Bonnet purchases. Just enter babybythesea at checkout at the Etsy shop here. Remember to enter a size, also, at time of checkout.


  • Oh, the deer. I'm sorry. I would've sat and cried too.

    Glad you're back! Also, do you have a bread making book you'd recommend? And we need to chat coats. 🙂

  • Elissa says:

    the only time i've hit a deer i bawled my eyes out too and made my daddy drive back and look for my car mirror that it had knocked clean off. i was sure the deer was lying dead smack dab in the middle of the country road where i nailed it. but no deer in sight. tough little buggers, but not me. shook and cried for an awfully long time after and i am still totally freaked out about hitting one again.

    glad you're back 🙂

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