Doe Bay Fest

summer’s best plans:  doe bay music fest
fog thick like biscuits and gravy on early morning’s inner-island ferry

looking through fog’s dirty windshield at san juan islands’
madrona trees, deck-side
i remember posting whereabouts of barefoot bandit on Facebook
i’d overheard at local pet store
several months ago
when chase was hot,
only to be contacted ten minutes later by a bounty hunter.  yup.
with a movie deal in the works, i’m hoping to be in that scene
for now, i will snicker at references found
first time walk to doe bay fest
the lush stroll to the brilliant unknown
otter cove stage with damien jurando instantly melted away
recent week’s turmoil: nights awake with teething, remodel’s recent snafu
neighboring islands lifting their heads
from fog’s cover:

eldest zips baby doll into bag, breathes in horizon’s sailboat scene
all watercolor dreams
and babes on the move

under hot, hot summer sun

bands play on,
bryan john appleby
my soundtrack to hide-and-seek
oh, silly places to hide
bands came on and off,
OK Sweetheart
silly faces keep
my eyes off stage
shelby earl by the falafel stand
and my accidental elbow bump,
sorry, i say, oh, wow, it’s you, wow, you were amazing
thank you, shelby says, this island is amazing
do you live up here?  wish i was an islander, shelby says
wish i was a rock star, i say
bands play on,
diapers changed
sibling squabbles solved
girls play horsey on dad
we catch up with good friends,
laugh at days gone by
no longer are we collectors of ticket stubs, back stage passes
more now we marvel at collecions of pacifiers, board books
chill descends as sun falls, babe without a nap crashes
i am happy dancing to wonderful, live music
but i am at my happiest in baby snuggles
letting go and sharing of front row memories as we sink into Olga’s grass to watch newest craft:


we listen to chords, choruses
we listen to phenomenal songs
we miss the fingers strum
we miss the lips deliver lyrics
all to watch:
blue eyes of the newest blue-eyed babe in our circle of friends we call family
longest lashes of our little ladies, blink to beat
hours in the sun time is enough to learn something new:
hula hoop dreams as
doe bay fest hat is put to preschool’s test
finally, a skill mastered while
local favorite The Maldives

bring down the sun

so much around, joys in the simple things
trees make the best percussion
hula hoops pass the best time

Ravenna Woods on stage
and more silly faces

elbows on stage
so close this time
with my middle girl
such a rock star

hands up
for this moment


my favorite moment of the entire weekend:
lucy begging to shake a maraca on stage
serious boogie time on a packed stage,
all giggles and big girl moves

veiw from lucy’s favorite instrument
hey, mama, can i have a turn on that stool next?
you see, my four year old thought the doe bay music festival
was all about people who love music
taking turns and playing instruments:
we can learn a lot from four year olds.
time spent shaking a moracca on stage with fifteen or more people, heeded a call to rock
while my girl shaked it
and if i hadn’t been so concerned with keeping her from falling off stage
i’d have one of her holding steady as stage bounced
like the waves that crashed behind us.
snuggled to Head and the Heart
stage right, here
welcomed under a meteor shower
giggles at the harmony of it all
what a way to end the weekend:
after doe bay’s incredible music by the water,
talked about miles and states we’d traveled in our
teens, twenties
to see concerts.  now, it seems only natural we’d want to drive both ferry and narrow island road
for years to come
in something this classic, this cool
it seems only natural

in something this classic, this cool

ferry lines would be so worthwhile.Photobucket
it’s been days and weeks since
the unforgettable weekend,
the best of all family-friendly music festivals
still ringing in my ears
doe bay, doe bay!
doe bay, doe bay!
still in whispered, giggly breaths
from our youngest babe,

doe bay, doe bay!
doe bay, doe bay!


  • Emily says:

    It all looks so amazing. Thank you for sharing!

  • Corinne says:

    Looks like it was an amazing time! I'm so captivated by that little container of watercolors, how perfect 🙂 We were supposed to go to a local music fest on Saturday, but it got rained out due to the hurricane… hoping for a good weather day on the rescheduled day!

  • Suzanne says:

    Stunning words and photos.

  • Maggie May says:

    reminds me of the children's book about a day at the beach, only it's a day at the doe


  • Tracey says:

    What a fantastice way to spend the day; I especially like the bubbles and hula hooping! xx

  • rainblissed says:

    How wonderful! We really must plan to attend next year!! 🙂

  • warm dirt says:

    those pictures are beautiful. absolutely beautiful. they remind me of a music festival around these parts that we also make an annual tradition of. 🙂

  • Melina says:

    This post is gorgeous! This should be shouted and shared!! You must have put a ton of work into this, I know because it's so graceful and almost effortless feeling and those are the hardest posts to create….what a feast your photos are. Thank you, I'll be stopping back for more soon.


  • Cory says:

    What a post! What a fantastic experience! Thanks so much for taking the time to share it all with us. I feel, once again, like I was along for the ride.

  • Elissa says:

    not sure i could have tackled that with my crew. so, so cool that you did 🙂

  • Holy WOW! Love, love, love the bubble blowing photo. Perfect. I can't wait to catch up on your summer blog posts!

  • MJ says:

    Your beautiful words, the music, and your photos have left me wanting, with wanderlust rearing it's shiny ugly head. I am not complaining. Only wondering and dreaming about what we really want, where we really want to go.

    We will be in Portland, then Seattle, in the last 10 days of September. If you have a special place you think might feed my wanderlust, I would take any recommendations with thirsty open arms!

    Thanks for sharing these fantastic moments with us and for the inspiration!

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