Easter at Roche Harbor

I made easter eggs out of yarn scraps on a long ago ferry ride for Lucy. Glad to see Olive loves them.

Over 3,000 eggs in Roche Harbor’s Formal Gardens remind me of a Mike & Ike nightmare I had as a child. Always fascinated and frightened by items super-sized, I dropped my candy box on the lawn and, while trying to put them back into the cardboard, each grew like Alice in Wonderland. I woke tear stained in my bedroom. Maybe that’s when I made the switch to Nerds.

The day before the hunt, island volunteers step onto a barge and hand dye each egg. I’d imagine it’s a buzz with chocolate-eager kiddos and pastel stained fingertips. I think we’ll check it out next year.
Betty said This year the bunny’s lap wasn’t wet. I bet the bunny is glad when no one goes potty on him.
Yeah. Just another reason kids might not like to sit on the lap of a giant furry holiday icon.
The Formal Gardens are set up for three age groups: 0-3, 4-6, 7 and up. There’s a golden and silver egg hidden in each, but our ladies don’t like those colors. With hearts set out for pink ones, and if they’re lucky, an egg with a sticker, they hunted happily.

A lot of impending egg salad, deviled eggs…

I love how Lucy is holding Olive’s hand here with a look that says Yup, I’m a big sister.


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