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Tonight I had laundry to put away.  Betty wanted to have another dance party in the living room and Lucy wanted me to read four bedtime stories.  Instead, I put Olive to bed early and met some mama pals downtown for drinks and a movie.  I came home to a sleeping house and a clean kitchen. I had a breakthrough with to-do lists.  If it could always be this easy for crossing items off my list.
Ahh, the little things.
If the word epiphany wasn’t my least favorite word in our language, I might use it here.  While slipping into slippers it occurred to me – why don’t I put exciting things on my to-do lists? So, I updated.  I forever changed.  Just.  Like.  That.
Under Call Insurance and Mail Packages at Post Office I squeezed Go Out for Drinks and a Movie.  Then I crossed it off.
Ahh, the little things.
Lucy’s energy is still a bit zapped from fighting the illness that began just as my parent’s trip back home began.  Sometimes, it was all I could do to hand a fresh box of Kleenex over to Olive, my almost sixteen month old, for a moment’s peace.  But then that single moment would turn to many more with tiny bits and bits of tissue shrapnel confetti-ing the area’s rug.


I’m pleased to announce I’m writing over at Today’s Mama.  I’m excited for routine’s challenge, audience’s growth and pace’s change.  Weekly, I’ll be writing about my parenting perspectives.  I initially applied to write about knitting ~ something I never do here, although it’s something I do always when I’m not here.  I also let an old and dear friend know about this opportunity, knowing in my heart she’d be great.  Today’s Mama thought so, too.  It’ll be fun to navigate this journey with her, too.  [More on her later.  I’ll link to her when she’s up].  As I navigate my new gig, my inadequacies in technology’s set up gleams bright.  My profile picture is still a bit pixel-y and some other kinks need to be worked out.  Stick close and overlook; I’ll be settled soon.
Lucy May set fever’s anchor amongst her favorites of things I’ve sewn for her and her sisters.  It raged like tide for days and had me doubting my instincts.  Three words danced in my head:  Tylenol,  Mortin and Antibiotics.  
In this week’s Today’s Mama piece entitled “When A Fever Holds On,” I wrote about trusting my intuition as I navigated through my middle girl’s high, weeklong fever.
When A Fever Holds On  

A fever breaks a lengthy to-do list.  A watched fever never breaks…[click HERE to read more]


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