Four Year Wedding Anniversary

Our anniversary weekend began with a spontaneous quest: Can we pack two children, one dog, sack meals, and luggage into the car in one hour? Maybe we didn’t make the hour deadline, but we drove to Montana throughout that night. When we saw the “Spokane 225 Miles” sign, we knew we were in for it.
Luckily, we have two awesome travelers who went to bed in their car seats at 9:30 PM and woke up in Deer Lodge, MT at 7:45 AM. Here’s some unsolicited advice — don’t eat in Deer Lodge. We got breakfast burritos with Velveeta and powdered eggs, and a Mocha Latte with a squirt of Hershey’s syrup in Foldger’s coffee. It also seems like everyone with a Subaru wagon scouts the local dumpsters for recycling. A nasty passtime when the early morning temperature already exceeds eighty degrees.
The look on Aunt Rose’s face when we surprised her after our eighteen hour drive was priceless. Her birthday was both the next day and the reason for our trip. The lady cousins had a blast, especially on the Beartooth Mountains-view-trampoline at Meritt and Piper’s house. There are lots of pictures from this rapid four-day-weekend. Even Piper in a Dirty Dancing t-shirt – in the corner! The ones that follow are some of the greatest.

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