Friday in Friday Harbor: One House Moved

One Friday a house was moved the equivalent distance to a city block. We learned the only thing slower than island time is a house moved on island time. It was supposed to take two hours; it took just under nine. It even got stuck in the mud.

The girls were beyond thrilled to see Daddy at work. He moved power lines so the house could squeeze under. At one point, Luke dropped a phone line down to the ground. I’ve been around him long enough to know the difference. This sent the onlookers into a panic.

You know, said the bicylist, this isn’t a safe place to stand with the Lineman dropping power lines; you shouldn’t stand here with kids (we were about one hundred feet away)- I’m not sure those Lineman know what’s going on. The next thing we know the live power lines will fall over here and..

His panic only made me talk a bit louder and a little faster.
Hey Lucy, who’s that Lineman up in the bucket truck I asked Lucy, loud enough for the overly concerned bicyclist to hear.
That’s my daddy.
My friend Adrienne and I appreciated the big things swarming about an island celebration for a house on wheels, while our middle children spied pill bugs behind power poles.
We stopped to notice a squished daisy, vibrant beneath our feet,
as the house crept slowly, slowly down the street.
With our good buddy Satchel, we played tag at street’s corner and set up our first Lemonade stand in a wheelbarrow.
One man looked somewhere besides the house and gave us $.50 for effort. We had fun, anyways, drinking our product
and dancing for the house movers.
A few hours in, we got hungry. The house got stuck in the mud. And in, we went, to our still house.
After noodles and naps, we walked again to find the house at rest, 5:30 PM.

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