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My middle little lady loves pink, big fluffy bunnies and letters.  She’s writing beyond her name and is all about copying print from the world around her.  She’s more than just a little bit tickled pink to tuck six fabulous notecards into stationary’s box at her desk.
My firstborn daughter carries a lunchbox to school each day.  It’s filled with homemade bread, her favorite snack of dehydrated bananas and always a love note from us.  She’s more than just a little bit excited to tuck each love letter [as she calls it] into corduroy’s back pocket for lunch time’s recess.  I found a stack of her saved Alphabet Lunchbox Notes in her diary box.
Today I bring you a giveaway by Baby by the Sea sponsor Deep Blue Sea Designs.  In the words of Heather:

Where the sea is deep and blue, I have been creating art of all kinds since I was a wee one.  As a lover of handwritten correspondence, I has been writing letters to friends around the globe for a long, long time.  Receiving letters in the mailbox every week is still one of my greatest joys.With the sea as my muse and letters as my love, I embarked upon a business of making and celebrating beautiful pieces of mail.  Deep Blue Sea Designs was born.  My process is joyful, my cards are extraordinary.I am reviving the lost art of correspondence.

I first came to grow to know Heather as an avid reader of her blog, Notes from the Deep End.  This berry-lovin’ mama of two offers a creative perspective on life in my old stomping grounds of Massachusetts.
I am head over heels for Heather’s work in Deep Blue Sea Designs. I covet stationary with bold graphics and crisp white backgrounds and I love what she offers on her Etsy site. As a writer, I have always fluttered over finely milled papers and the lost art of a long letter penned in thick black ink, stuffed in a long linen envelope and kissed with a limited-edition stamp.

Baby by the Sea:  Tell us about the beginning of your business.
Deep Blue Sea:  I was pregnant with my older son, Eli, when I began getting inklings of something new.  I knew that where I’d been professionally (and I’m being very generous with the term professionally) wasn’t where I wanted to be.  I knew I wanted to be home with my son and I knew I needed to create. When Eli was born, I made his birth announcements.  I’ve always been a maker of things, so this wasn’t revolutionary at all, but a friend happened to remark offhandedly, “Why don’t you go into business?”  That was my big a-ha moment.  It’s been a natural, gradual unfolding since then.  
I guess my business was birthed with Eli and the success of my business was birthed with my second son, Soren.  I think pregnancy was a period of creative gestation in both instances and with birthing came a surrender that I really believe allowed a whole lot of good stuff to flow in….
I have the inner mantra of every maker:  more, more, more.  My hands want to be busy.  
Baby by the Sea:  What Inspires you?  Is there a quote you’re fond of these days?
Deep Blue Sea: 
I feel so alive and connected when I’m in nature.  There’s just so much for my senses to feast upon.  I was walking the other day with Soren and two swans flew overhead.  They were so low that we could hear their wings sing.  My little one looked up with such wonder and joy on his face. I love it when a beautiful moment sneaks up and captivates me.  Nature is the primary catalyst, but really anytime that there’s a little stillness in my day, there’s opportunity for inspiration.  I could be up to my elbows in a soapy sink washing dishes and bam! I have a flash of something amazing, it could be the beautiful, scrappy beginnings of a new design or project.
I just finished reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Murial Barbery and I loved this:

“What does Art do for us?  It gives shape to our emotions, makes them visible and, in so doing, places a seal of eternity upon them, a seal representing all those works that, by means of a particular form, have incarnated the universal nature of human emotion.”

Baby by the Sea:  Have you always been a maker?  How does design and art fit into your daily routine?
Deep Blue Sea:   I have the inner mantra of every maker:  more, more, more.  My hands want to be busy.   Art and design just filter organically down through our daily activities around here.    Eli’s fire-ninja costume just flew off my sewing machine in time for a party and Soren has a little sweater that’s due to come off my knitting needles any day now.  There are scones in the oven, a sourdough starter that’s percolating and a few ideas being worked out on our fridge that’s painted entirely with chalkboard paint.  The drum sets will come alive with thumping at some point today, legos will be engineered into technologically-advanced vehicles, garlic will be planted, food will be plated thoughtfully…  art and design are just mediums through which we can live our lives most beautifully.  I love it.
Baby by the Sea:  What ritual/tradition makes your family unique?
Deep Blue Sea:  My husband is a musician and our house is often filled with spontaneous song.  Mostly the songs are rambunctious in nature, but there are beautiful, quiet ones as well.  It’s pretty wonderful to have a family repertoire of songs.
Baby by the Sea:  Tell us about your background?  What lead you to the work you do today?
Deep Blue Sea:  I’ve been a letter-writer forever.  My good friend from college has been my bicoastal pen pal for 15 years.  It’s so special.  We write letters every week and really, it’s our main form of communication with each other.  I used to be such a freak for buying stationery and note cards, so it’s pretty logical that I wound up making my own.  I still have an overflowing stationery drawer, but now it’s with all my “seconds”.  It’s all those cards with the blips and mishaps.  Fortunately, Becca doesn’t mind getting the reject stationery.  It’s especially funny when she gets the personalized stationery seconds that say, “Paul” or “Benjamin” on them.  That cracks us up.  I really value handwritten correspondence.  You get a piece of someone through penmanship; their voice comes through more vividly on paper.  And it’s nice to hold the card or notepaper that they chose to scribe their letter.  It’s a lovely tactile experience.  It takes a bit of time to write a letter, it shows that you value someone enough to slow down and share.  I really believe that handwritten correspondence is an art worth upholding.  
I don’t have any professional training in art or graphic design.  I’m trained as a dancer, actually.  I danced until my first pregnancy and then the desire to be at home with my son really became my main focus.  I guess I could always sketch a little, and have always had an eye for design, but I’ve learned the bulk of my skills bit by bit. When I look at the work that I was doing 6 years ago and compare it to where I am now, I’m totally floored.  And it makes me so excited for where I’m going to be down the road.  Expansion is a wonderful thing!
Baby by the Sea:  What is your favorite word?
Deep Blue Sea:  I’ve always thought that jubilation rolled off the tongue in a particularly delicious way.  I also like chirp and pluck.  They’re cute, concise and satisfying.  Squirrely is pretty great.  And yesterday I said shenanigans and thought, now there’s a word that I really should use more….
For today’s giveaway, Deep Blue Sea Designs is offering the following gifts:
One lucky reader will receive Alphabet Lunch Notes


One lucky reader will receive a package of Handmade Note Cards


~ TWO lucky winners will receive a package of  in the mail.
Extra chances:
Check out Deep Blue Sea Designs on Etsy.
Check out Deep Blue Sea Designs’ awesome blog Notes From the Deep End.  

Her life is painted in such lovely prose, sweet pictures.
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Thank you to Deep Blue Sea Designs!
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