Greetings from Friday Harbor

New year. New house. New island. New puppy.

“Her tail is so long and it goes back and forth just like Daddy’s tiller. Hey! Her name is Tilly.”
We adopted her yesterday, Luke’s 32nd birthday, from a Humane Society in Bellingham. Her whole family was there; we wish we could have taken a few home with us. Her mom was a black lab mix whose coat like seal skin and demeanor like cotton candy told us her babe, born two months earlier in a barn and left at the shelter’s doorstep with a note, would become a great pal. Tilly chose us in the “too loud & too barky” kennel with wags, licks and no woofs or jumps. We just knew she would become the next marvelous dog for us.

A month in the Beartooth Mountains will turn just about anyone into a phenomonal skier.

Betty mastered the chairlift, “stopping like pizza,” and skiing from me to Daddy. She even met Santa on the slopes. Betty thought he’d recently worked pretty hard and deserved some vacation.

We were lucky to have a pre-puppy/birthday weekend at Mt. Baker with incredible views and loads of new snow.

Betty makes quite the lodge lizard.

Lucy, on the other hand, left the scene for a nap swaddled in my ski coat under the table. Next season we’ll make her a little slope-side tow-rope bunny. It is hard to believe she is almost ten months old. She was the master of backwards crawling until a recent basket of Slinky’s cat toys were placed just out of her reach. Now, watch out! She seems to teleport across rooms, even pulling herself up when given the opportunity.

Last night, she uttered her second word, “daugh.” So, dada and dog. I’m sure she’s just holding out to say, “Mama,” at just the right moment.

She has two teeth, and the only picture which shows them is a dreamy and goofy one.

All in all, she had a great first christmas, especially with closest-in-age cousin, Piper.

Little Pipes just loves to give these little noggin hugs, and now Lucy seems to give them too!

The three year old in our house is quite a character. She makes up songs all day long and just loves to cook in the kitchen. We made vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting on Monday, then made a mini loaf for a sailboat hull, and a cupcake for its cabin. We used a chopstick for the mast, and Betty decorated the sail with Ls, Bs and Ds for “Luke’s Birthday.” Did I mention she loves vintage aprons just like her mama?


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