Her Very First Day, Published

There are a few pieces I’ve written where it has been my very heart leaking out onto paper where words have had a life of their own.  My firstborn’s very first day of Kindergarten parted breath’s rhythm and, for lack of a better line: totally rocked my world and became just that very piece.
Kindergarten’s First Day is just that piece, the one I wrote in twenty minutes as tears streamed down my face, moments before the end of her first day – moments before we hopped in our car and drove to Montana for a quick trip.  Some pieces I mull over, lines here and lines there.  Not this one.  Nope, it came from love.
I’m so excited it is part of the new, incredible magazine Bon Bon Break.
And now, here’s Kindergarten’s First Day.
Yup, Mom you click [here].


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