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At 8 o’clock I couldn’t believe tonight the sky was charcoal.
The pastels of summer sunsets are fading, painting earlier and hanging lower above the horizon as time moves on.
September feels so busy.
We find ourselves staring at a Lion’s Mane jellyfish in 52 degree water and it is like vacation for the moments it takes the jellyfish to swim out with the tide, all that stillness and silence as we wade on the shore.  Indian Summer’s sea makes my legs cramp and numb for salty hours later, yet all the while refreshing during minivan’s school pickup, play date drop offs, soccer practice ride share, grocery gathering, errand’s checkoff.

September feels so busy.  

I’m trying to finish the sweater I’ve been knitting.  It was supposed to be Betty’s first day of school sweater.  Now it’s renamed simply the first grade sweater.
Fingers swiftly knitting, fingers wishfully crossing it’s finished before second grade.
My parents are almost back home to the other side of our country.  It’s pretty safe to say they’ll remember most taking in the scenes of our islands, the giggles of sisters at play and the charming way their granddaughters help each other grow, learn, explore.  And when they remember the tantrums, squabbles and tears of sisterhood I hope they book an airline ticket back because this mama sure loves having grandparents around to sprinkle joy and patience on the days we need it most.
On the southwest corner of a neighboring island there’s a narrow road that turns to gravel and stretches steeply down rocky cliffs.
A level trail is carved, dirt-packed, straight through voluptuous ferns and rangy old-growths until it opens and reveals the perfect half-smile sandy beach.

Oh, protected coves, soft sand, steep northwest rocky shores:  I love you.


This was the first time we found ourselves here.Photobucket
We’ll be back.
This inlet looks like a Secret Spots of the Pacific Northwest chart topper, but I hope word sticks put and keeps this beach bare.
There are times when I look out of eye’s corner and am thrilled to have a camera around my neck.  
Lucy’s first day of preschool was one of those moments.  Lucy knew Olive would miss her on this day so she gave well-loved Slinky-Kitty to her littlest sister moments before this hug.  
And after that one incredible hug I was close enough to hear, 
Ollllllive, who’s going to pull your ear wooobe while I’m at school?  Ollllllive, I’m gonna miss you!Photobucket


During the fanciest of island-style dinners, my mom’s birthday dinner, I saw Betty lovin’ on her very first little sister, carefully feeding the very best tomato soup so it wouldn’t make a mess.  


Yup.  There are times when I look out of eye’s corner and am thrilled to have a camera around my neck.  

We’re chasing sunsets until clocks set back, choosing goose-bumpy skin in flip flops to stand beneath a horizon tipped in sherbert’s colors.
For endless weeks I’ve had flip flop feet and in a few more weeks my youngest little lady will be two.
I find myself more often in moments wanting to freeze that place and
stay a while longer
watch stones chosen
listen for the
I want to stay lost in that game
where we pause as the sun spoons the horizon
for a seaplane,
so close
Still, so many driftlogs to climb

before tide’s high mark
is the cozy blanket of fall

This weekend
Betty’s first soccer game
walk’s light – just perfect
so big almost seven
held two baby dolls,
swaddled, well-loved.
First half,
full of:
nerves, sideline tears
growing pains
love words, courage hugs.
Second half,
full of:
me clapping oh my goodness at the sudden turn around where she’s all smiles, braid to braid, and fancy moves and stopped like nine goals but who’s counting and she’s telling her team good job and I’m sitting on the sidelines thinking about her great teammates and great coaches and I’m thinking this whole mama-of-three minivan driving hobby is really, really great.

Luke helped out our party planning pal at the island’s finest Great Gatsby party.
He spiffs up well.


  • Tracey says:

    Love your island and your girls are just so beautiful!
    I have had flip flop feet for awhile now,but am really ready to trade them in for cooler weather wear.
    Sounds like you had a fantastic time with your parent's and I bet they had one with ya'll. It's so hard when everyone is spread out.
    I hope you have a wonderful day filled with laughter and happiness.xx

  • Beautiful beaches and late summer skies. I love that picture of ? Betty in the sunnies , your girls are all stunning. Aren't kids just the best fun.

  • This post was so peaceful. As I read the words and looked at the photos, calm washed over me. I just love your family. xo

  • Emily says:

    I love seeing pictures from your neck of the wood. So beautiful. I giggled at the ear pulling bit..such beautiful girls.

  • Elissa says:

    september is so busy.

    sisters are fabulous. my boys just wrestle and fight before leaving for school. 🙂

  • j.j. says:

    HI! Oh my, seeing your girls brings tears to my eyes..they are SO cute and looks like so very sweet to each other! Lots of love goin' round your place! hope all's well~

    just got my kokopax backpack delivery today: knew about them from your blog! Thanks! 🙂

  • Cory says:

    the picture with their little legs is so great. You really do get some good pics, m'lady. I so enjoy going on these little outings with you and your family!

  • The sisterly love is just too much!!! What great shots!

  • Melina says:

    Wow, those pictures of the girls loving eachother was poignant for me. I adore my older sister, Anna, four years older than I. My absolute hero, absolute best friend. She moved out to Seattle to attend UW and three years later I followed her. That was twelve years ago, when she moved out. We've shared this city for nearly ten years. We were roomates this past year. And last Thursday, she left. She and her husband moved back East. I watched them go and wept. Whose going to pull my earblobe? What am I still doing out here?

    So glad your beautiful girls know how to love so well. Well done.


  • MJ says:

    Jiminy crickets you've been beautifully prolific this week and I am overwhelmed with your words and your gorgeous pictures!!!! Love the wonderful sisterly love you captured in this post, your beautiful cove, the fantastic pictures of your island's beaches. Deep breaths and sighs are what I get when I come here!!
    Thank you!!
    xx oo

  • simona says:

    love all of your photos! my favorite: the dangling kids' legs. just too cute.

  • You make me miss the Pacific Northwest. Fiercely miss it. I grew up in PA, but spend my childhood summers with my Dad's family that stretched from Eastern Oregon all the way up the Coast of Washington.

    What a lovely cove. And moment. And sisterly love.

    Thank you for your beautiful perspective from behind both the lens and the keyboard.



  • erinleee says:

    heya! (I found you on Amanda's ATC post) wow. just lovelove the photos! I used to live (most likely) somewhere near there and miss the salty smell,tiny rocks and driftwood. ocean waves too! beautyful pics and kids!

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