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Born by the sea, all of my babies were.

Betty & Lucy were born on Whidbey Island, and Olive on Fidelgo Island. Water was an essential aspect of all of their births: birth tub, birthing pool and warm shower on a yoga ball. I grew up by the sea, sailed since six weeks old – even lived on a wooden sailboat throughout the Bahamas for a time.
I believe there is sea salt in my veins, making sand below flip flop feet feel particularly fine. My girls share this conviction, although they also have a part of Montana’s high mountain glacial snow inside, reflecting off their blonde, blonde hair. Soon, I’ll be able to say with assurance all of my babies were sailing before six months, outfitted in a bright yellow infant lifejacket and skiing before the age of two. I’ll say it here, with photos, of course.
I had a baby by the sea
not one
not two
but three
by the sea.
And in celebration of the latter, I bought the domain name –
Since it takes time to pack up and move my old files in cyberspace, blogger will redirect readers from my old address [].

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  • This is so sweet.
    I grew up by the sea, moved to the mountains at 19 and never left, except for a brief 3 seasons, where my daughter was born just a few miles from the sea. We are back in the mountains but I feel like my daughter has the sea in her blood.

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