Island Tidings: Seven, Four, Eleven

Island Tidings: pictures and prose about our recent adventures on and off our tiny island
We had a full holiday and learned the best way to relax on a welcomed cloudy day is to build the best reading fort possible.  White sheets, fairy net, giggles and girls with books.
Sometime between fireworks and strawberry’s harvest, Betty started reading.
Really reading.  Plowing through text with confidence, ease, excitement.
Olive is soaking up big sister’s new talent every chance she gets.
Behold, the roller coaster of sister emotions captured on film:

Me:  [flipping through cookbooks] Oh, it’s so great we’re just hanging out and reading in our fort.

Betty:  Hey Lucy, you want to listen to this story I’m reading Olive?

Lucy:  No, I’ve got my squirrel book.

Betty:  Oh Olive, I could read you Lucy’s book after this one since Lucy can’t read yet.

Olive [nearly inaudible] mee seeit pleeeeeeeesssee.

Lucy:  No!  It’s my book, Olive.  [under breath] Even if I can’t read everything about every squirrel.

Olive:  [pouting, arms crossed] saaad.

Fourth of July, Two Thousand Eleven
I woke at sunrise to run the firecracker 5K with my favorite known-you-for-so-long mama friend who came up for the holiday, her birthday and who really meant it with her shirt Born on the Fourth of July.  It was early, already hot and mostly uphill.
It was a fun way to start the day and, maybe, a new tradition.
Home.  Showered.  In parade’s costume with blue wig, super-cool logo shirt designed by one good friend, made by another.
In memory there’s Olive in her stars and stripes dress, worn by both sisters in time’s past, resting in great-grandpa’s ’66 pick up and holding her beloved eagle (Eagg-y).
Luke’s grandpa bought this pickup brand new in 1966.
I’ve got a pretty good chance of being elected to the school board.
I’m running unopposed.  I’ve got a wicked cool logo, thanks to my good pal.
There could be a write-in last minute, sure, but I wanted to spread my excitement about stepping up to the post.  Plus, I love parades, have always wanted to be in one.  I love costumes, and when I heard this year’s Fourth was Celebration through Costume, well – hello!
The view from the truck was phenopmenoal.  San Juan County Theatre’s jellyfish and salmon on Spring’s corner and the hilarious Raggedy Ann outside the senior home.  I love costumes so much, seriously, I have to meet this lady, this grandma from the senior home.
The crowd went on and on and on.  In three year’s past we’ve stayed in one spot as the parade traveled by us and waited until the ferry pulled from dock’s bulging crowd just after parade’s final siren to venture back onto Spring Street.  I had no idea the immense crowd weaved thick, overlapped sidewalk, curb.
Good friends and their sweet children helped hand out 30 pounds of American Flag Tootsie Rolls and 30 pounds of apple erasers.  I loved watching the erasers bounce from my waving post in truck’s bed.

Pigwar bbq, all lollipops and patriotic smiles.

Napping in the late afternoon under a sky with one cloud:
Learning how to share our swings:


Celebrating a holiday birthday, even if we couldn’t light the candles, and pretending with all our heart:
Dancing to blast-from-mommy’s-past music at Rock the Dock‘s pre-firework show, all twirls and giggles.
I could only count six Fourth of July’s when I wasn’t on a sailboat watching fireworks.
My whole life I’ve watched their reflection over salt sea, atop masts.


  • Cory says:

    oh my! My favorite thing is the conversation between the girls. I laughed out lout because I know those conversations so well! The older ones say the funniest things and the little ones are just too cute…the pics to go with the convo are great! How you caught all that I'll never know!

  • rainblissed says:

    Such fun! I'm sure you'll rock the school board! I really must encourage my son to read more…certainly reading inside his forts could help! I'm enjoying our cool, cloudy summer, too. Too much sun and I get grumpy ;-).

  • Gnat says:

    Love all the pictures! Good luck with the election!

  • when is your election? i love your sign – good luck!

  • anushka says:

    beautiful! i love your enthusiasm for life, the fourth, and being the next president of your school board. great signs, costumes, and memories for you and your family.

  • The elections aren't until November, but lucky for me it's a tiny town and I'm unopposed. Thanks for your kind words, ladies.

  • Mental Chew says:

    Love the reading fort. I want to build a garden fort next summer and afternoon reading sessions are the perfect motivator for me! How sweet it must be to watch B read to the girls. Teary just thinking about it. Fun pics and I love how you are organizing them!

  • You do have one fine logo! I just love a parade, but being IN one must be double exciting!

    Wonderful pictures celebrating the best holiday by far!

  • Secret Water says:

    The photo of Olive is just gorgeous. I've never heard of a Eagle being a favourite soft toy before but its very patriotic and perfect for a fourth of July portrait!

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