Knitting Needles & Pages::: bees and booties

When my fingers trace a skein, I instantly remember late hours nursing our firstborn in practice of knit, pearl, knit, pearl.  It was the same method my late grandma Sue taught me in the backseat of a pink Cadillac along the eastern coastal streets of Florida.  For nearly eight years, I perfected technique to yield socks, sweaters, blankets, etc.  I can knit in the dark of movie theaters, beside the dim bedsides of feverish babes.
 So when my oldest island pal sat on my new sofa and taught me how to crochet, no wonder I kept ending up with the hook in my right hand and looking like I’d dropped a left hook. I want so badly to make a granny square blanket like the one I had growing up.  There’s a constant buzz of babes here lately, sister squabbles and read me another story, please so I haven’t given it the attention it requires.  At this point, I’m leaning towards a pillow, but I would love to make a blanket if I ever get quick at this.  I think I should have learned how to crochet first, to learn how to use a second stick in my fast fingers first.
Somehow, this square looks neon in the pic, but honestly it is more muted, more like a true granny would choose.
I finally finished some little lady booties with this pattern. I began this project watching My Week With Marilyn and accidentally knit in garter stitch.  I like the texture it creates. I used some yarn from the bottom of my scrap basket, size 6 needles.  I knit the most beautiful bonnet for Olive from this skein.  Sigh, I love how yarn evokes memory.  I eagerly await a photo of these booties on newborn happy toes. I have so many projects going on at once and not enough time to knock a few out.  For now, wish me time for happy hooking and the patience to conquer the infamous granny square.
This weekend we enjoyed learning about The Betty Convention held each year in Hastings, NE for ladies named Betty.  Our Betty’s favorite part was where all the grandma Betties sing songs where they change some of the words like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Betty.. Even though each Betty is supposed to live in the state, we’re pretty sure we might crash the convention some year on a major road trip.
PhotobucketAs far as turning pages this week, I find it hard to resist typing I find this book to be the bees knees.
It’s true, insects scare me.  No, really.  It’s my biggest problem with gardening and generally being outside.  I always overreact, but I’m trying to be better about hiding it.  My girls love bugs, filled their pockets with worms and caterpillars from an early age.  They build rollie pollie playgrounds and track slugs on sidewalks.  I reserve my insect-based irrational behavior for spiders found inside our home.  Seriously, the pacific northwest has some scary gigantic spiders.  The intense student inside me want to hone in one one insect to know everything about.  When I called The Washington State Beekeepers Association, I was sad to learn I’d already missed their workshops for bee season.  I’ve marked my calender and next spring, when the daffodils and tulips begin to pierce the earth, I’ll be ready.  People who know me best laugh out loud at the idea of me and bees and I remind them the girl who can’t handle the pain of stubbing a toe had three natural albeit intense births.  See, I’ve got my heart set on making honey for my sweeties.
A little while ago, I won a giveaway at my mama bloggy pal’s intensely witty, creative and inspiring blog 6512 and Growing.  Rachel is a mama and a writer who works for this magazine.  I’m really enjoying my copies and I think the San Juan Islands need an edible Magazine.
joining Ginny for yarn along.


  • Swanski says:

    adorable little booties! Lovely crochet square and I'm glad you love your new “old” sofa 🙂

  • ivey patton says:

    love your projects and the bees sound exciting! and don't you adore rachel! oddly we live about three miles apart and i met her on the web! crazy world!

    have a lovely, my dear!

  • SuzyQ says:

    I've yet to conquer the granny square either. It is a serious ambition of mine 🙂
    I love those little bootees, they have such a nice shape.

  • Tracey says:

    What sweet little booties!
    I am a tiny bit afraid of insects myself,but try to be brave in front of the chidren. I want bees so bad, but since I am higly allergic Mike and I are still going round and round about them.

  • A Betty convention! That is too funny!
    So glad you like the magazine! And yes, the San Juan Island definitely needs an edition!
    (and that is one too many exclamation points for one comment. whew)

  • Catherine says:

    Every once in a while, I will start making granny squares for a blanket, but I get burnt out after a few. The prospect of seaming them all together at the end is just too daunting. Good luck with yours!

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