Knitting Needles & Pages: {Giveaway} Twist & Twine

I’m remain pretty in love with my Kindle in the hours after our kids go to bed.  I lie in a comfortable position for sunburn and a quick click of the thumb turns a page with no need for a nightlight with screen’s brightness.  Yup.  I’m loving the Kindle.  I’m reading Born to Run and it’s funny to read so much about running with pajamas on.  It’s written by Christopher McDougall.  I’m not too far into in, but McDougall is traveling to the Mexico’s Copper Canyon researching Tarahumara Indians – quite possibly the world’s greatest, fastest and furthest runners.  He begins the book with an essential question, Why does my foot hurt? and tells tales of ultra marathoning and inspiring little tidbits like Lance Armstrong running his first and last marathon, thinking it was tough and brutal and really hard and awful.  So I thought, if Lance thinks running is tough I guess it really is.  The journey, the history of the Tarahumara is so interesting and mind boggling that those fine people look up at the same sun and I never before knew of their incredible way of life.  Sure, the book is helping me with my running but I really think it’s helping with the mental aspect of this new habit of mine.  I’m excited to continue reading it.  I like to read a little nonfiction now and then.

knitting compulsively is a side effect to grandparents at our sides all day long.  I’m slowly making my way through this entire book with size 1-3 needles and scraps of yarn.  Would you believe the chicken, fifteen times tinier than a real life chicken took me two and a half hours?  Crazy.  And the girls are crazy about the mermaid.  Too bad she’s already spoken for.
I have more sweet friends having babies, so I’m knitting up some booties with scrap yarn.  Not really sure what I did before Ravelry.  I found this pattern but I was so into the movie My Week with Marilyn with popcorn and my mom that I knit it (so far) in garter stitch.  I hope they’ll look cutie.
I’m knitting too many things at once.  It’s true.  I’m working on my lovely shawl and I just can’t wait to wrap it around my shoulders, my neck.  The colors are so insane, so totally beautiful.  I have Camilla to thank.

Today I introduce Camilla, fiberista, alchemist, artist, and owner of Twist & Twine and blogger at Free Range Chick.
You can follow her blog to read all about where her children call her home a yarn forest, and where if I was a horse I would love to roam.  From her words, she’s taught me the balance of family and food and yoga and knitting to not lose myself in the work of my family, my home.
Camilla’s days are beautiful, her pictures wonderful.  As an artist, she created exceptional yarn though a process routed in her own family history.  Her lovely life is found in Montana and on her blog Free Range Chick.
Baby by the Sea:  Tell us about the start of your business, your background.  What lead you to the work you do today?
Camilla:  Twist and Twine started as a thought last year.  I had RSI from spinning too much (art yarn) and my hand was in a brace, it hurt so much.  I over did it.  I tried to figure out a way to continue my love for yarn and of course color – so dyeing commercial yarn seemed to be a great solution.
I grew up in Scandinavia where I learned using natural dyes from birch leaves and blueberries etc. from grandfather.  I always thought the whole process of gathering materials for cooking/dyeing and experimenting with different hues and how they would work on different fivers.  Later on in life I was immersed in art in college which lead me then on to interior design school – where I was naturally drawn to color and the impact it has in my life.
Baby by the Sea: What inspires you?  Is there a quote you’re fond of these days?
Camilla:  “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” Robert H Schuller  Often these days it is all we think of, what if we fail?  This thought takes away all the fun of it all.  I just try to learn from it and next time I might find something that might work out for the better.  For me, dyeing and spinning yarn is not about perfection, it’s about art…and art comes from the heart.
My mother inspires me – she is uber creative and has always instilled in me there is nothing I can’t do.  I find inspiration in nature- living in the mountains and the countryside in Montana under the big sky, food, books, magazines, travel.
Baby by the Sea:  Have you always been a maker?  How does sewing and design fit into your daily routine and your family?
Camilla:  Yup, always been a maker.
I learned how to knit from my mom and grandmother at the age of six.  Growing up in Scandinavia, home economics was huge in school – we learned how to sew, felt, knit, cook, and garden etc: life skills.
I started at a young age sewing, my favorite thing was actually tie dying fabric with whatever natural resources I had and then sew them into ‘elaborate’ ABBA costumes and have epic perfomances with my friends.
Crafting became necessary when I married in the states.  My husband and I were starting out and there was little money – I had to create a ‘home’ on a budget and become very familiar with yard sales and thrift stores.  In fact, they are still my favorite places to shop.
I am a knitter – over time all the little sweaters and hats I have knit for my children, Pierre and me (we are six people so that is quite a lot over the years) probably could fill a small storage unit.
I renovate old houses.  The oldest house we had was from the early 1880s in upstate NY, an old Saltbox.  I would paint and repaint the rooms up to five times until I got the color just right.
It’s important for me that my children grow up in a lovingly made home.
My happiest moments are when I am making/creating/doing.
Baby by the Sea:  What tradition and/or ritual makes your family unique?  
Camilla:  We spend time together.
Eating all our meals together at the table- even if it is cereal for dinner – it’s a time to catch up with each other in the day.  We ski, swim, bake, cook, etc. together.
Pierre and I are only children – he is from Quebec, Canada and I am from Norway so our families are thousands of miles away…hence, family is very important to us.
I was also told by Almut, a German friend of mine…that having four children works out pretty nice:
“When the youngest moves out, the oldest might have children…you will always have children in the house.”
Love that!
I am secretly hoping for a nice return in grandkids…
Baby by the Sea:  What is your favorite word?
Camilla: Familia!

Camilla of Twist & Twine is truly an artist.  Her work reflects the passion we, as knitters, bring to our needles.  Her colors knit up in the way our hearts imagine the piece through pattern’s first daydream.

For today’s giveaway, Twist & Twine is generously offering the following to one lucky yarn lover:

a skein named Sundance
2 ply fingering weight
70% Merino
20% Nylon
5 % Stellina
438 yds/3.5 oz
#1-3 needle size

To enter today’s giveaway, please leave a comment {U.S. residents only, please} telling me what Sundance might become if it ended up on your needles.
:: for an extra chance to win:  become a new Baby by the Sea fan if you’re not already
:: for an extra chance to win:  check out her etsy store’s New Arrivals {Camilla has been really busy} and let me know what is your favorite new skein to the lovely yarn family.
Comments are closed as of Tuesday evening {April 17th} by 8 pm PST.  The winner was chosen and announced in the Needles & Pages post April 18th.
You can find Camilla:
at her blog Free Range Chick
at her etsy store Twist and Twine
and her yarn Twist and Twine

joining Ginny for yarn along.


  • Tracey says:

    I love your little chicken, too cute.
    I am a great admirer of Camilla's yarn and if I were to win Sundance would become a pair of socks…I think.:)
    Her shop has so many lovely yarns, but Farmers Market is really my favorite!
    Happy yarn along day.

  • Swanski says:

    Lovely knitting you are cranking away at! The yarn is lovely and thanks for the giveaway. I am torn between a shawl or a pair of socks….I hope it's okay to be on the fence 🙂

  • ivey patton says:

    dag nabbit. i must learn to knit…camilla and her yarns are just killing me! your critters are darling and i'm going to get the running book today for a birthday read. we have spent some time with the tarahumara in copper canyon and they are incredible. this is not an entry, just a shout out to miss camilla and her beauteous wares!

  • If I were the lucky winner, I think I would try to knit the shawl you are knitting (for people who need sunshine), or some other version of it. Or maybe I would knit some sort of eye cover, so i could just stare at those colors as needed, instead of our grey vitamin-d deprived northwest skies.

  • Filamental says:

    OK, consider this an entry for sure. I love Camilla. She is an inspiration of how to live a wonderful life. I buy her yarns and enjoy using them. Color is always gorgeous.
    Thanks for such a nice article to read.
    If I were to win (I hope) I would add this to a sweater I am knitting using different yarns which is done in tiny stitches which will take forever, but it is a pretty thing to look at while I am doing this.

  • what a sweet little chick and mermaid! you can have a whole menagerie without the feeding and clean up required 😉

    and i <3 camilla and her yarns. she is a color goddess. really.

    ps: no need to enter me in the giveaway. i love camilla's yarns already and think someone else should be allowed the joy of knitting with them!

  • Catherine says:

    What adorable little knits! I might have to take a look at that book.

    As for the yarn, goodness, Camilla's colors are stunning. Truly.

  • PKJ says:

    Those colors are so amazing!

    I would use Sundance to make a hat for my daughter, who loves bright colors.

  • lorraine says:

    im following your blog through gfc 🙂

  • lorraine says:

    my fave new arrival is pretty sparrow..the colors are amazing together 🙂

  • Karen Sue says:

    Thanks so you, I jumped over there last weekend and am now awaiting the arrival of 2 lovely yarns. It was hard to decide and I really think the Northern Lights is my next choice!! I think this Sundance would make an awesome shawl. I didn't think I was a shawl type of person, but I like them draped with the point in the front and both ends crossed around and in front, too.
    And I am your new friend..
    Thanks for showing me something new to love about Montana.Maybe some day I'll get to visit there!

  • Lori ann says:

    what cute little knits your making! i'm here from camillas blog, thank you both for the sweet giveaway! the sundance is gorgeous, such a warm color, like summer evenings around the fire. i would make a shawl for sure. (crossing my fingers here!)

    i think all her wool is beautiful, but since you have asked us to name one from the shop i like early spring for handspun and northern lights in fingering weight. but really, i love them all!

  • Libbey says:

    Hmm, oh what to make with such great colors! When I saw the skein I immediately thought hat, but a skinny scarf could be really fun too!

  • I'm knitting a shawl for myself too but sadly, it is very slow going.
    I love that beautiful yarn. And the chicken! WANTING!

  • Loving the little chcky and the mermaid! Very cute Jenn.

  • Hurrayic says:

    I think a shawl or kerchief would be great in this. Thanks for the treat.

  • chels says:

    I LOVE the Sunlight Shawl for Sad People! This yarn would be great for that. The color is so passionate. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  • chels says:

    I'm now following via GFC as chels.

  • chels says:

    How can I possibly narrow down my favorites? I love Blue Agave, Oleander, and Cilantro!

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