Life in Our Home:A Kitchen Chair

Over a year ago, a blog I breathe in, Enjoying the Small Things, ran a post about where life happens in a home.  Kelle asked readers where that magical space was and ever sense, I haven’t been able to shake it – the wondering of where others would say.  I still think it was such a profound question to ask.  
Life in our home settles on kitchen chairs. While some mainland and even island folk may find themselves in expansive homes, our Craftsman casa on a tiny island is exactly the latter: tiny.  In our tiny kitchen we’ve managed to squeeze six dining chairs around our lovely table, made for us by a true, old pal.
Over the years, we’ve celebrated birthdays, carved pumpkins, and digested more than homemade meals. We’ve digested the loss of loved ones and third time’s unexpected positive line on a pregnancy test stick. Chubby fingers of our eldest daughters have learned how to draw circles and squares to anchors and, most recently, narwhals. While hubby prepared meals, I’ve nursed infants as I leaned on their high backs and learned about his day, his dreams and island’s newest news. 

From these chairs, we giggle, mouths closed, alongside cereal’s comic sing-songs and supper’s knock-knock jokes. 

Potty training has paused for pie crust’s rolling: 

{I remember the night I took this picture very, very well.  It was six days before bed rest.  I was pregnant with Olive and it had been a beautiful September day.  We’d picked apples outside dance class and came home and made a pie. Luke worked late at an outage, so the girls and I feasted on pie for dinner.  I put my feet up and the girls just went to work. Lucy was still potty training, and she’ll probably have something to say about me posting this photo in years to come.}

From these chairs, we’ve learned love comes from whispers on a lap alongside the rhythm of Great Dane’s endless wag. 

Life in our home happens on chairs around our bird’s eye maple table. 

Life also happens in the spaces in between the chairs: rituals of meals together, good night’s butterfly kisses and the season’s first hummingbird, spied from a kitchen chair.

Where does life happen in your home?


  • Kathleen says:

    Gorgeous 🙂 I know the post on Kelle's blog you're talking about too…

    At our place, the huge brown beanbag in the lounge is a magical space. Lots of cuddles, lots of stories, train rides, leaping off objects to land in it, a big squishy beanbag of love!! 🙂

    Lovely post!

    x Kathleen

  • Beautiful post, Jenn. I remember that post on Enjoying the Small Things. She has such a magnificent way of digging deep and pulling thoughts out of hidden places…real gems.

    That place in our home would also be our kitchen. Everything beautiful and not so warm goes down there. 🙂


    ps…I'll be in touch soon about Sept.

  • So lovely, Jenn. Your beautiful, tender description of your family table is moving…so true how much growth, change and discussion a chair sees.

    My family WILL sit around that table (can you squeeze 4 more chairs?) with yours soon. Promise.

  • Val Curtis says:

    Our playmat. It hosts games, dance parties, first steps, first roll overs, hugs, snuggles, warm naps in the sun on cold days, hundreds of stories, friends, piggy backs rides, baby giggles and so much more. Thank you for taking me there and helping me appreciate this special place in our home.

  • MJ says:

    Such a sweet post (great pic) and great for pondering. Our space is right here in the kitchen, at the table, through the back door to our backyard. We have 5 large windows that wall this space on one side, bringing in sunshine and inviting us to play, come outside, and be grateful for another beautiful day :).

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