Lovely, Lovely Lobster (lob-stah)

A bit of lobster, of bit of New England and a bit of silly enjoyment for their parent’s sake on a long day..

Luke with Betty, February, 2005

It’s true. My ladies will grow up to say I made them wear crazy outfits for my enjoyment. And the beauty of having three baby girls is repeating the really good stuff. Here are my triplets, right?!? They were each eleven weeks old:

Betty, February, 2005

Betty with Lucy, June, 2007
Lucy, June, 2007
Olive, January, 2010

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  • Katie says:

    Those are the most precious lobsters I've ever seen! Your previous post made me think how lucky three girls are to have such an extraordinary mama and overall example. What a lighthouse you'll be for them. Gives me great hope for the kind of gals my boys might be lucky enough to find someday.

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