Mermaid Blinks

Yesterday it was hard to be a mermaid, especially when a certain little sister grew tired of playing the same beach game over and over.
Today she tries out for a role in a Missoula Children’s Theatre production of The Little Mermaid.
Let’s all cross our fingers she gets a part.
This face has stuck, this window into a heart broken and disappointed.
She stepped off stage without the paperwork for cast actors, congratulated a best pal cast as a seahorse and explained she really didn’t want a part anyway.  She explained halfway through auditions she’d realized a disinterest in the whole thing.  That’s why I stopped trying.  Really.
She left the theatre with a smile.
After we dropped her seahorse pal off, I peered in my rearview mirror and saw her sobbing.
That’s when it gets tough – this whole parenting thing.
That’s when there needs to be a handbook on handling a heartbroken child.
For a moment, she’d put on that *fine* face, and I guess it was her switch to honesty that got me.
Really got me.
Once home, Lucy told her how awesome she was, Betty, I thought you did great, and gave her a big hug.
She came back around to really being fine, and agreed to attend the performance to support her friends, to enjoy our Friday family date night.
She came back around to really being fine and it happened at the moment Daddy came home with a bouquet of stargazer lilies for the little girl who tried her best.


  • Gnat says:

    awe…what a sad expression. Yet, such a beautiful picture!

  • Tonya says:

    Fingers crossed here as well! My daughter tried out for a local production of The Music Man this past spring and was so disappointed when she didn't get a part 🙁 And I was uncharacteristically THAT mother who was really angry that they couldn't give every child a part.

    Oh well, that's life I guess! Best of luck to your little mermaid!

  • KnitterMama says:

    Oh best of luck to your little mermaid! She definitely looks the part (and a 10 cm long knitted carrot is impressive 😉 )

  • ivey patton says:

    she looks like a perfect mermaid. i have no doubts! your wonderful box came the other day and the kids were thrilled! thank you so much for the little add-ins. the stickers were a big hit with lew and della and I smuggled out the cookies for a late night nibble for the grown-ups with a glass of red. they were yummy! and it was so fun to contemplate them starting out in your kitchen!!!

    oh yes! the strawberry flavor is a hit for della!

    thank you!

  • Mental Chew says:

    Oh sweet little lady. Tiny broken hearts make me ache. What do we do when we can't put a band-aid and a kiss on it? Sigh. Luckily, your girls have a wonderful mommy and daddy. Stargazer lilies. Too sweet.

  • Fionnoula was sick… 3rd year in a row to not get a part/not try out… She was very sad. She asked if I had ever tried out for a play – and I said no, I've never ever tried out for a play.. they both have at least tried – and that's a lot to be proud of <3

  • And “tried” she did – tried her very, very best and that's all we can ever ask of our babes. I'm so proud of her.

  • I love that she is still willing to go on Friday for her friends and family. I love that Luke brought her flowers. Love that Lucy tried to put some sister balm on her spirit. These lessons are hard but having a family that loves so much has to help.

  • Carolyn says:

    Oh sweet girl. I don't know if I am ready for those moments. Nothing better than the love and support of her family to bring that beautiful smile back.

  • Emily says:

    Heartbroken valleys lead to beautiful, rolling foothills, and splendid mountains:)
    We love Betty:). She's a rose!!!!

  • cpcable says:

    Oh, poor little dear! What a strong little soul to put on such a strong face and overcome her disappointment. Like Carolyn, I don't think I'm ready for these moments either. But, I think they will probably come all too soon.

  • Oh dear, growing up is hard and watching our little ones suffer disappointment is so difficult. It breaks our hearts just as it breaks theirs. Having a family that loves so completely makes all the difference. Hugs to your Betty (and to mama).

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