Montana in September

Eleven reasons why Montana in September rocked:

1.  Lucy was as tall as Aunt Rose’s sunflowers. 
2.  Tiller didn’t chase cattle or run away, but she did, however, run like a maniac.
3.  Naked Piper all day and lovin‘ it, even when I was freezing.
4.  Eavesdropping on Betty and Meritt’s conversation while they were chilling on the couch.
5.  It was a Filkin cousin parade.  Tame one minute, total mayhem the next.
6. ‘ Tana Grandma & Grandpa’s windows got super-clean with enthusiasm.
7.  Trampoline O’ The Beartooths is almost too much fun.
8.  Meritt taught Betty how to properly catch bugs for Rainbow the tiny chick.
9.  And, Rainbow is a well cared for chicken.
10. Lucy laughs a lot when she is around all those big girls.
11. Meat always tastes better in Montana. Thanks, everyone, for feeding us so well.

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  • SO happy to come here and find two posts! Jenn, your girls are gorgeous and I cannot wait to see lots of them this summer….btw we should get our condo!

    thanks for the glimpse at your sweet sweet fam.

    ps I miss your comments….xo!

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