New Member of the Family

On March 28, 2007, Lucy May entered our home with much love, water and support. After an almost five hour labor with nineteen minutes of pushing, all twenty-one inches, nine pounds and one ounce of her floated serenely to the surface.
In loving arms, Lucy looked quietly around and into the early morning hours of her first Thursday. On that day she rested for the paramount evening activity of meeting big-sister-Betty.
“Where’s my baby Lucy at?!” Betty exclaimed as she entered the room. With a shoulder-shimmy shoulder-shimmy and a smile ear to ear, Betty yelled, “I’m a big sister!”
True to both Daddy and Betty’s nature, Lucy May sleeps through the night and most of the day. We won’t uncross our fingers too soon, but then again, it sure feels like we are just that lucky…
Daddy describes his youngest daughter as half penguin and half hockey player. Mama sure can’t believe her chubster cheeks and hopes the photos do them justice.
More to follow once Mama heals a bit more…..


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