New Year, 2013

It’s nice to be back in this space,

weeks away, weeks  with family at my side

long evening dinners, late night talks,

early bedtimes, afternoon naps, chapters and chapters read in books,

movies with hands held,

midnight gift wrapping,

and on and on.

It’s good to keep a laptop zipped up once and a while,

family close to a hip, a mind out in conversation with those around.

I’m refreshed and it feels great.

Hello, I’ve missed you.

Today started with a late morning wake

sun’s light filtering in

 over eight hours sleep

exactly the way we had decided

to start anew

11:50 pm, New Year’s

Want to stay up for the Space Needle fireworks

or hurry and brush teeth and run into bed? said Luke.

We picked up Olive on our way,

snuggled her polar bear pajama tiny self

smooshed her between us

told her it was almost a new year

barely, she woke

sheets taut before midnight.

A new year,

pancakes with fresh raspberry syrup

long cups of coffee


Betty : spend more time snuggling stuffies (her stuffed animals), a true testament to a fall and winter full of play productions, piano, swim team, soccer.

Lucy: to become a better reader, a longer underwater  swimmer.

Olive: to be better at yoga, like tree and cobra, although she said, Be awesome at yoda, like twee and codra.

Luke made a resolution to not make a resolution, like always, but when pressed he said, I will finish our home addition.

I want to bring back simple joys, so I won’t be buying a coffee nearly each day.  Just think of the cash I’ll save.  I have a fancy, schmancy machine for goodness sake.  I’m placing time in my morning to make my own froth, time in my month for a coffee date or two with someone I want to catch up with to enjoy a mocha in a ceramic cup, or better yet, invite a pal over for a kitchen coffee chat.

Near noon I met a few friends on a sunny secret beach

polar bear dip in 46.8 degree water

my second year loving how it stalls a mind, races a heart.



I’m back in this space, wondering

what are your resolutions?


  • Skinny polar bear dip?! YOU ROCK! If I were there I would like to think I would join you. Happy New Year, lovely lady!

  • Summer says:

    So glad you’re back. Missed visiting this space. Sounds like you had a lovely start to the New Year. Happy New Year to you and yours!

    *my resolution is to MAKE more… buy less.

  • MJ says:

    Sounds like a beautiful entry into the new year. Though a polar bear swim will NEVER be on my list, you GO GIRL!! I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast yesterday and we all slept in which is a rarity for all of us. My intention this year is to find my voice, to figure out and channel my energy to whatever creative endeavor is my calling. I also want to hike more and dance more–or more plainly do the physical activities that bring me joy, not just firm my butt. You know what I mean?
    Happy New Year to you lovely lady!!!!

    • jenn says:

      Well, MJ, if you won’t polar bear swim I’d love to hear of a summertime dip in a Colorado glacial lake sometime.
      Happy New Year, friend.

  • Katie says:

    Your day sounds similiar to mine… blissful.

    My resolutions this year were made from the heart with improvement in 3 areas; personal, family and work…

    May yours come true xxx

    Love Katie x

    • jenn says:

      Perfectly simple resolutions, Katie. Each thing we touch or make can be improved upon in retrospect. Olive is well on her way to becoming a yoga master.
      Happy New Year to you, friend.

  • Emily says:

    We had 28 house guests for two nights and then hosted our community Polar Bear Plunge in the backyard with chili, hot chocolate, and bloody Mary’s. I am still recovering, but soaked in all of the wonderful energy from our friends and family near and far. Love your family’s resolutions. Mine is to run a relay in the ‘Nati’s marathon in May and to practice meditation.

    • jenn says:

      I can’t wait to hear more about your polar dip. What was your water temp? Any way, chilly. Too bad we couldn’t have warmed up together. Meditation is a good one.

  • Chrissy says:

    Oh my word. This sounds like a little bit of heaven to me. What a wonderful break, and this scenery is beautiful! Thank you for stopping by the blog so I could find you! It’s so wonderful to meet the lovelies filling the Kindred Magazine! XO

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