Old House, New House

Goodbye, Whidbey Island and our First Home. We bought you before our wedding, then 111 years old. We lifted you up, poured you a foundation, gave you heat, a new roof, plumbing, replaced windows and some doors. Still, you shook in Ebey’s gusts and welcomed rain over the kitchen sink. We’ll always remember the Strait’s ocean view, bringing Betty home and birthing Lucy while home, Huck chasing frisbees in the back field, fabulous times with Island friends, and Luke working wind storm after wind storm after wind storm…

Thank you, Shellie, fantastic Doula and Realtor, for helping us achieve our dream of family time, together, sailing and creating a new home-town. In early October, we wanted to sell her. Come November, we owned a new home. Yippy!

Hello, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island!


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