On Mamalode, A Different Kind of Role Model

Today, I’m honored Mamalode published one of my favorite essays I ever wrote.  It’s called A Different Kind of Role Model.

An excerpt:

I’ve started to tell my daughters that I’m beautiful. I look in the mirror and with them by my side I say, I look good. Saying so is part of believing so. And when I slip on a bikini to take them to family swim night, I say, I like the print, the shape of the strap and I like how it feels. I still can’t say that I love how I look in a swimsuit, but I’m getting there.  Three girls later and the map of lines left on my body speaks to me more than just how I grew to offer them a home inside. I’m far from loving these marks of a changed self.  But they trace to my heart and all of what I know is true about worth and confidence. 

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Mamalode is such an amazing community of writers with a mission for all the pieces that make us uniquely whole to come together and inspire.  In the long while that I’ve been reading Mamalode I’ve felt connected, inspired and supported. I am in awe of the conversations shared and topics covered. With raw honesty and creativity, it speaks to the good in the realm of parenting we’re all striving for. I’m lucky to consider myself a contributor, and feel honored to be a part of the conversation.

Mamalode is a site where I get paid based on the number of unique clicks my essay receives.  Anyway, check out A Different Kind of Role Model, share it with your friends and, above all, be well.


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  • Melissa says:

    I just found your blog through Melina and this post on Mamalode was beautiful. I also fell in love with your about page with your This I Believe list.

    Great writing!

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