Pacifier Junkie, revisited

There’s incredible joys gained in the parenting realm of observation.  This I know.
As a mama, I want to push my girls into decision making that’s best suited for them.  In the back of my mind, I so badly want to say because I said so and want life to move forward at that particular moment.  But, this is not best for independence, creative thought and confidence.  This I know.  Sometimes, it’s hard to be derailed from a day’s plan and focus on those teachable moments.  It’s really hard to take a back step, stuff my pretty painted nails into jean’s back pockets and hold my breath.  Waiting on a daughter to stumble upon the lesson, the answer is hard in the wings.  But it’s best.  This I know.
My mind glows like sparklers, my heart melts like July 4th s’mores when my girl chooses a path that’s best and arrives at an answer for her that makes sense.
Olive June, our youngest girl born on Halloween morning two years ago, was doing pacifier tricks just a few weeks ago.  At times, there were three in her mouth spinning 180 degrees.  It was hilarious, but not so funny that she’d only take out her pacifier to eat.  She was talking with it in her mouth, slurring pacifier speech was hard to decipher and it was driving us all nuts.
One harsh morning, I decided to take them from her.  I broke her heart, we cried.  I felt mean for forcing her to make a decision she wasn’t ready to make.
Well today, Pacifier Junkie is up as a guest post [HERE] and I’m honored to be a part of Vermont Mamateurs.  This essay reminds me how important it is to wait for our children to do what they’re ready to do, all on their own time.  Last Saturday, Olive woke up and declared she wanted to go to toy store and trade in all [my] faffies and get stuffed sea turtle.  She hasn’t looked back, just skips proudly with her own decision to be a bit more of a big girl, all the while holding a stuffed turtle.  If you saw her today, she’d proudly tell you about her new tutt-tlle and how she’s such a big girl.  She’d tell you her Mama and Daddy are so proud of her.
Yup.  It’s pretty big stuff watching your babes grow up.


  • Maggie says:

    I think it's a special thing- allowing your children to transition at their own speed. Something's do need a little push- but to see them bloom on their own; to experience a toddler rite of passage solo- that is awesome.

  • Love this! Thanks for sharing! I struggle with when to take it away too. We are waiting until closer to 2 and then hopefully giving her an option some how. Right now she only gets it if she requests it by name or at bedtime or naptime. She doesn't always need it during the day but I know when she gets sleepy and starts looking for it and saying Bobo or making her silly face. 🙂 I'm glad to know that there is potential to make her decide. She's a smart girl I think closer to 2 she'll get it.

    Thanks again!

  • My daughter had a pacifier until she was three. I kept asking if she wanted to give it to the fairy and she kept saying no and i just lacked courage to force the issue ;o)
    One day I asked and she agreed. she cried a bit about it at night time but we made it both of us. I guess those are growing pains
    I think i was more heart broken than her because that was one of the last baby thing she used

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