Freshly Picked & Just Write: Reality in a Shopping Cart


Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Hello; it’s been a while.  I’m not only back from a recent trip to the east coast, but back into the rhythm of usual island days.  I took a break & a long one at that.  I barely replied to emails & kept my laptop zipped up for weeks.  It was everything I needed, with hands in ink & paper, face outside and turned towards the sunlight.  There’s been great laughter & tears, unexpected events like Luke’s knee surgery & the welcoming of sunshine season back to the pacific northwest.

Today a beautiful experience and project is featured on Freshly Picked.  Click [HERE] to check it out.

In February I worked on a project with a friend, for a friend.  Sara Parsons Photography and I completed The Labor Project: A Birth in Words and Pictures in February.  Sara’s post can be found [HERE].

photo credit::sara parsons photography

Attending a birth is an honor, a privilege and a downright amazing experience.  Writing a narrative alongside an artist and wonderful friend like Sara is an honor, a privilege and a downright amazing experience.

It’s an honor, today, to be featured on Freshly Picked.

And, today, a bit of unedited writing joining Just Write:

Reality in a Shopping Cart

Hi, I’m Olive.  I’m half-big girl and half-baby.  I don’t use markers, Olive squawked from the grocery cart, hardly meaning to startle the lady just trying to reach the crackers we’d stopped beside.  It’s just something she often does, saying exactly what’s on her mind to anyone near.

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The Middle Six: a Love Letter to My Daughter on her Birthday


Dear Lucy,

Six years ago I carried you for way longer than I had anticipated.  Inside, you swirled for what felt like a lifetime on full bed rest and then, as your wit and determination would later show, when the timing was your way, you made your way.  You were born on another island, on a prairie, in a kitchen, in a pool, within our Victorian home.  Minutes before midnight, with music loud around and our pets looking on, you floated to the top both perfectly and slowly.  All this you know; we tell you of this first journey over and over.  I know, I never tire of your story of our worlds coming together.

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On Mamalode, A Different Kind of Role Model


Today, I’m honored Mamalode published one of my favorite essays I ever wrote.  It’s called A Different Kind of Role Model.

An excerpt:

I’ve started to tell my daughters that I’m beautiful. I look in the mirror and with them by my side I say, I look good. Saying so is part of believing so. And when I slip on a bikini to take them to family swim night, I say, I like the print, the shape of the strap and I like how it feels. I still can’t say that I love how I look in a swimsuit, but I’m getting there.  Three girls later and the map of lines left on my body speaks to me more than just how I grew to offer them a home inside. I’m far from loving these marks of a changed self.  But they trace to my heart and all of what I know is true about worth and confidence. 

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Just Write: Olive at Limekiln Lighthouse


A little before halfway through the day, I figured I should do something I’d always been meaning to do.  Outside, little wind, full sun and pouffy clouds.  Inside, I packed an Olive picnic, knitting project and sunglasses.  A usual circling of our minivan for errands and a mocha before I turned down the music and told Olive my plan, Hey, Olive.  Want to picnic by the west side lighthouse?

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Weekending: A Run on March


it occurred to me right after I heard, Go!

I wasn’t running just the 10k and not the whole half

as I’d said over and over in the parking lot when asked

I was running the whole 10k,

like last year when I said I was running the whole half marathon

so I ran, proud

like, really ran the whole time

& got my best time ever

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