Peeps On The Farm

I’ve never given Peeps a second look. My eyes dart to Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and the rest of the day involves hiding behind closed doors and around corners until my teeth ache, my stomach throbs and I’ve shared maybe two or three eggs with the girls. I’ve been known to step into the shower with handfuls. Really. My love affair started half a lifetime ago and we’ve been steady ever since. Sweet Luke even bought me, pregnant mama, a case last year. I was too morning sick with Olive in my belly last Easter candy season to indulge. He thought I should have it around, once I could shovel it in by the handfuls. Sweet, sweet, Luke.

Recently, The Washington Post caught my eye, caught me wishing I was a school teacher once again with a project like this. We missed the submission deadline, but the ladies and I had a blast looking through years past.
Without even a breath Lucy exclaimed,
We could make Old MacPeeps Farm, with a peer-peep here and a peep-peep there…

Because the tail end of my pregnancy was bed rested and filled with, not right now Mama’s tired and the last few weeks and weeks of Mono’s wrath has had me saying, not right now Mama doesn’t feel well I jumped on it.
The laundry sat piled, weeds blossomed outside and the sink’s stack sat. Betty wore her mermaid costume and antlers to paint the sky, barn and assemble the foil silo.
Lucy is a lefty and so much more calm holding the artist’s tools with her south paw. She sang as she painted the grass, carefully. It’s wonderful to see her turn an artsy corner. At nap’s edge she told Owl Pillow and Yellow Blankie
I like to paint. I should paint you and you at the beach.

Cute, lovies of a little girl out on a seaside picnic. I look forward to that painting.

Clouds: Tulip & Butterfly

Sometimes, Mama, clouds look like tulips and butterflies and, sometimes, though not that much really, they look like plain old clouds nobody notices. See, you should always look up in the sky. You never know what picture is up there.

The blue paint of the sky swallowed the weather vane, black chicken, black arrow. Betty knew there was a N, S, E, and a W. Looks like our afternoons at sail, staring at the compass, are sinking in.
Lucy colored in my farmer, took her time, smiled, sighed. Finished, held it up to the cat
Isn’t my farmer nice, kitty?

So simple. Toothpicks in neon marshmallows, poked through pizza box:

Barn Door Handle, Key Hole, Behind Chick

My favorite addition to the Peeps Diarama came stripped from a Hello Kitty coloring book. Understanding my insatiable love for vinyl, Betty had me close my eyes.

You’re not going to believe it, Mom. The bunnies and chicks can have a barn dance now!

The official website recommends clear spray paint to keep Peeps looking their best. Really? Just how long would someone want to keep their Peep art? At least we’ll have a centerpiece for Lucy’s birthday party.
Peep out.
Over Peep and Out.
Peep You Later.
If you thought those were bad, you should hear the ladies.
Pure Peep-a-Licious.


  • Oh, I love it!! Those girls! Betty is such a sage.
    Peeps! I love to decorate my Easter brunch table with them.
    Miss you guys..

  • “A barn dance!” So cool that your big little-girl Peeps are peeping out together! Sweet times.

    I just scrolled through your archives a bit. What a sweet family life of beaches and water and sisters and music those girls are getting.

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