Preschool Fashion

The biggest news around here is that baby girl’s got piggies.  She wouldn’t sit long enough for a symmetrical tail.  I’ll go and blame that on tooth number 13 and 14 pushing towards gum’s surface.  Cute, right?!?  Well, maybe not the associated crying and night-waking that accompanies teething, but her hairdo is a keeper.  I see lots of hair accessories in her future:  ribbons, barrettes, knitted head bands.  Oh, I can’t wait for braids, too.

Lucy loves accessories.  This soon-to-be-four-year-old loves zebra print, fleece with dangly, beady magical necklaces.  She prefers her sumbrella-umbrella to stay under her pillow.  Really.  She and her big sister, Betty, were in a wedding with it and still says,

Mama, remember when I got married?  I married Betty.  She was my flower girl.  I just love my sumbrella-umbrella for sunny days.  I’ll keep it under my pillow in case there’s ever another sunny day.

Apparently, the only downside to living in the Pacific Northwest involves your children doubting the longevity of a cloudless, blue cerulean sky so deeply they sleep with a parasol beneath their pillow for every and all just-in-case sunny thoughts.

What my three year old lacks through constant sunshine she makes up for in outfits.


She loves to accessorize.


This week at Today’s Mama I wrote about my three-year-old’s style and my choice not to pull on her reigns in Preschool (Paris) Fashion Week.


I want to raise confident, creative, classy girls who know themselves.  I want them to take risks in what they wear and in what they do.  But I must admit, sometimes the day’s outfits are a little off the handle. Maybe I am, too.  Maybe that’s alright.  Maybe this family of five make one complete, brightly patterned outfit.

Today’s Mama  Preschool (Paris) Fashion Week

Before morning’s 8:00 chime, I’d rather strive for an empty bowl of oatmeal, brushed teeth and clean hands.  When I send her out into the world of Preschool and playdates... [click HERE to read more]


  • MJ says:

    Good for her and for you!!! I think her outfit is downright awesome and all power to her :). My 6 year old wears a tail frequently, fidoras, capes, and sometimes snakes :).

  • Earth Mama says:

    so so so very cute.


  • Great post! Though my little girl is too small to give me her opinion (though at 16 months she already has an affinity for shoes), my four year old son is beginning to declare his own wardrobe thoughts. Of course, with him, it is always about comfort and not so much on style. What a cutie you have!

  • My older son used to insist on wearing long-sleeves ALL the time, even during the month or two that we call summer. Then he would not want to match. He would purposely choose clashing items. My younger one would HAVE to match. Or am I mixing them up? My younger one is my stylist who is teaching me how not to dress too matchy-matchy. He picks out my accessories.

  • Great essay! My mom squashed my creative dressing when I was little. I actually remember it, so I think I’m scarred. I remember her specifically telling me that polka dots and stripes don’t match and that pink and red clash. (And, funny, that is totally the fashion now.) My husband tells me I have no sense of style and I am now beginning to think it’s because I was never allowed to develop one. Do I need a therapist? I am SO looking forward to letting Juniper run wild with her own style…maybe she can teach me something. Right now, however, her preferred dress tends to be none at all, so I’ll wait for the next phase.

  • I LOVE this piece. For almost my whole 4th year of life I wore latex medical gloves, some kind of purse always resting in the crook of my arm, and globs of plasitc jewlery every chance I could get. Sunday mornings and my parents let me go to church that way. I will always remember and love them for that! Now, when my little ones come to the grocery store with me in dinosaur costumes or in a dive mask complete with a snorkel, I don’t blink an eye. What fun would it be if we weren’t allowed to create and explore and find our own comfort zones?!

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