Rain, Rain Come & Stay

Outside’s grass takes on moss’ dark hue. Lawn a Spring sponge while sky shades to a palest of blue to a gray’s dye like forgotten wool, thick fog. Our house lacks gutters, so each window becomes our eye to outside, & above the pane – drips then pours, eyelashes of rain, steady to blink, blink, blink. All days; blink, blink, blink.

I peer outside to note weeds are starting to take over, puddles beginning to swallow entire worms, slugs.
Spring’s late sickness has held us captive for seven days. I wish I could say I spend most nights silently humming a lullaby for hours on end, rocking in that ol’ chair by dawn’s first light. But it’s been barely seventeen hours of sleep, total, since last Monday. I’ve tried every sling in the closet, each baby snooze area our house has to offer. In this house, dawn’s weary frustration heard in stomps, sobs, coughs, and, then, cuddles. If I didn’t have my new espresso machine throughout this past week, I might not have made it. So thank you, chrome baby. Gaggia, my fourth child.
Memorial Day Weekend.
1 Maine lobster dinner with corn on the cob and candlelight was cut short by a three-year-old with the sudden stomach flu. Ambiance of a homemade fancy meal instantly altered.
2 fevers spiked near 105 and Tylenol’s recent recall had them star-eyed and sweaty on the couch. Oh, how those flannel pajamas plastered once fevers broke.
3 entire days (and nights) of crying led to a first tooth sprouted, gum strawberry-red, sore. Now, so cute; baby’s toothy grin.
4 times I tried making waffles but the process was cut short with a baby who wanted to be held. So we danced and sang. Even moved the radio into the bathroom for sick’s serenade in shower’s steam, older sister chorus at door’s edge. Times like these teach us good times can still happen even when we don’t feel our best or have the most energy.
5 (and 5 more) words make up a song Betty is slowly teaching the island.
Rain, Rain
Come and Stay
Make the Flowers Grow Today
& as I type now, all three ill girls are fast asleep in late, late afternoon’s nap. Dinner is unplanned. I should nap, rest up for the long & drizzly night ahead. I’ve slept in this silly polka dot t-shirt that hardly fits for two days; laundry plays Jenga on its basket. But I can’t get these images out of my head.
Pictures that tell me sunny days are ahead.

Pictures of a fabulous island escape to a pirate party on Posey Island. Arrrgh, what fun. Arrrgh, amazing friends and a magnificently planned bash. Seriously? We live here and get to attend parties in some spectacular places. Arrgh, we’re a lucky bunch.

Pictures of a Mother’s Day beach picnic with sandy snoozes and sandcastle fairy worlds. So marvelous to live amongst so many beaches when a top notch day still allows us to be the only footprints in the sand.

Fancy Mama’s Day Dinner with a best friend as your waitress is priceless. All dressed up for an all local spread at McMillin’s Dining Room. Betty loved, loved the prime rib. We told her how it was what we served at our wedding, along with a red velvet cake because it, too, looked like meat. She laughed. Lucy loved the dock-side views and giggled as Olive, stuffed from rice cereal’s meal, keeled over and fell asleep for the last hour of our meal. We were all tired from a day at the beach and, then, full from an amazing meal.

A picture from a community lacrosse game shows us we’ve found a new sport to cheer on. Even better when they’re on track to State Champs. I played from elementary throughout high school, still have my stick and can not wait to throw around with the girls. And, it’s a picture of my littlest girl in a special hat. I began the project on bed rest, making up the pattern into a pumpkin and willing, needles in hand, for a Halloween babe. Ahh, my favorite holiday. It worked. Olive in the hat always makes me smile, even if it pushes her tiny ears aside.
Pictures of an evening stroll; Saturday night spent in a walk about.

The rain will surely stop. Again, I’ll go for a walk at sunset, dine at a fabulous resturant with an amazing waitstaff 🙂 and even spend the day at a beach, salty & sun-kissed.
For now, we’ll let the flowers grow and, hopefully, get some rest.


  • wise craft says:

    Your beautiful photos make me want to run to the San Juans! Enjoy (what seems to be) a break in the rain, followed by more rain. Isn't that what Spring usually feels like here?

  • Love living island-life vicariously through you. Lucky, lucky water people and beautiful girls. Is that really big sister holding little sis? Strong girl!

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