I can’t believe I actually dress my ladies in the same thing, I can’t believe it’s Spring and, when I turn around to see two girls giggling aimlessly along the carpet, I can’t quite believe that sight either.  They are already such good buddies who talk in their own language of signs, shrieks and silliness.  We feel lucky when we watch Betty take her role of big sister so whole heatedly with patience to teach and, from somewhere, desire to share and show.  Betty can’t wait for “her” room to be “their” room.  “Then I won’t be alone,”  she says and immediately makes me feel bad she no longer co-sleeps.  Unless we are on the sailboat, camping, traveling, or if Luke and I have watched a scary movie like Gone Baby Gone and we wake her up and carry her into our bed.  I do think Betty will do a great job of tucking in Lucy at night and retrieving her pacifier if she wakes up.  Cuties.  All this, we’re sure, is the calm before the teenage storm of door slamming, screams and defiance.  

So, what’s new with the girls?  Betty is a proud bird mama to three lovely birdies.  After eating, she pretends to “chirp-up” her food and feed her little ones.  She’s made a nest for them above her bed and has even taken to carrying them in the sling when we leave the house.  She brings her play binoculars in the car so she can hunt for birds out the car window.  Lucy is a quiet one and is increasingly independent.  She loves to play her tiny piano and hit her little bongos.  She’d rock for hours on her little horse and look at books with Betty for ever, as long as the books have pictures of animals.  

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