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Weekending into March, 2013

Today  really starts where yesterday left me wondering if people who live in always-sunny places can ever truly appreciate the sunshine.  with a middle girl sick on the sofa for two straight holy-high 104.3 feverish days of wind and rain, I drove out to the beach with a mocha, parked close enough to see the […]

the fort

I’ve been seeing this all over the blogs I love, the blogs I jump to in summer’s short spare moments and jump away from before time allows comments — I’ve had a hard time sitting here regularly, too busy at the beach, the pool, the outdoor oh-so-fabulous summertime adventures.  But, I’m trying to be regular here, present here.

Sailboats, Tulips, Urchins, & Very Wet (little feet)

Forgive me, blog, for it’s been a long time since my last post.   Tipsy-turvy bi-coastal days of influenzas in Florida, on the plane and back again amidst our island’s tulips.  We tried to catch our breath between Lysol’s disinfectant sweet “mountain air” scent [And, oh, remember that dorm room smell – Beth and I […]

Sand, Forts and Skipping Rocks

Our little Nature observer, L May May.   Betty is really into training Tilly,  currently working on Fetch, Stay and Come. Our baby standing at the top of the beach. Betty the drift wood fort dweller. What is this lovely squishy thing? The beaches on this island are varied, expansive, rural and inhabited by fox, eagles […]