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The Middle Six: a Love Letter to My Daughter on her Birthday

Dear Lucy, Six years ago I carried you for way longer than I had anticipated.  Inside, you swirled for what felt like a lifetime on full bed rest and then, as your wit and determination would later show, when the timing was your way, you made your way.  You were born on another island, on […]

Weekending: Hello, December

I walked around all week with the wet, heavy blanket of a head cold spent one full daylight under covers tried the wellness trick, Friday’s fancy dress, big smile, long meetings still, throat sore, heels heavy, Lucy honored at her school: a leadership award for Work First, Play Later she dressed herself fancy, gave us […]

she’s two

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Island Tidings: Lucy May is 4!

Island Tidings: pictures and prose about our recent adventures on and off our tiny island:::I’m having a hard time writing coherent, intelligible thoughts.   In the past five days, we’ve attended a fundraiser, celebrated a birthday.  In the past five days, I’ve run a 10k.   In the past five days, all five of us have had […]

Six Years Old

In the past three weeks, we’ve been sick, healed and inspired. We’ve knit, sewn, built, drew, and all-out created. We’ve gone to bed early and slept late. We’ve traveled to another state, kept the board games out and the computer off. We’ve cooked a lot. We’ve eaten turkey, too much pie and ugh-not-again-leftovers. We’ve welcomed […]