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Write Doe Bay 2014 Artists

The second annual Write: A Doe Bay Workshop, April 10-13, will bring together 25 participants at the lovely Doe Bay Resort and Retreat on Orcas Island, Washington.  Through shared meals and shared housing, a new vision for a writer’s retreat takes place.  Community flourishes, walls break down and love flows. Tickets are on sale HERE. The […]

Weekending into March, 2013

Today  really starts where yesterday left me wondering if people who live in always-sunny places can ever truly appreciate the sunshine.  with a middle girl sick on the sofa for two straight holy-high 104.3 feverish days of wind and rain, I drove out to the beach with a mocha, parked close enough to see the […]

Doe Bay Fest 2012

Even though it feels otherwise, I haven’t always been coming to Doe Bay.True.  I grew upgoing to Fleetwood Mac, Clapton, Moody Blues concertsin a boat that worshiped Pink Floyd, The Who in a Massachusetts home, my own record collection was beneath my parent’s 8-Track player.When I was barely old enough to go to concerts by […]