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The Middle Six: a Love Letter to My Daughter on her Birthday

Dear Lucy, Six years ago I carried you for way longer than I had anticipated. ¬†Inside, you swirled for what felt like a lifetime on full bed rest and then, as your wit and determination would later show, when the timing was your way, you made your way. ¬†You were born on another island, on […]

Easter at Roche Harbor

I made easter eggs out of yarn scraps on a long ago ferry ride for Lucy. Glad to see Olive loves them. Over 3,000 eggs in Roche Harbor’s Formal Gardens remind me of a Mike & Ike nightmare I had as a child. Always fascinated and frightened by items super-sized, I dropped my candy box […]

Peeps On The Farm

I’ve never given Peeps a second look. My eyes dart to Cadbury’s Mini Eggs and the rest of the day involves hiding behind closed doors and around corners until my teeth ache, my stomach throbs and I’ve shared maybe two or three eggs with the girls. I’ve been known to step into the shower with […]