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Break the Silence

Hello.  So on April Fool’s Day I boarded a plane and

Island Tidings: Tiger Mom

Island Tidings: pictures and prose about our recent adventures on and off our tiny islandThe other night we watched Bambi with Daddy.  Daddy’s the son of a Game Warden, so his narration prepared our ladies for the inevitable death of Bambi’s mommy.  In between popcorn’s chew, he talked about permits and how it’s against the law […]

4-Year Blogaversary & Giveaway: Sandbar Soaps

Happy Four Year Anniversary, baby by the sea! Here is my very first post click-right-here. In four years we’ve added two more daughters, another dog, a different home on a different island. This blog has been witness, albeit intermittent at times, to so many new beginnings. Within this space, I’ve added new friendships while documenting […]

Here, Hear & Listen [an editorial of sorts]

I’ve been holding my babies close. Two island women, for one horrific reason and another, are unable to hold theirs. Wet with grief and worry, our tiny island mourns and worries and comes together in support, love, gratitude, disbelief. Overdue great news for one births tragedy for the other. Already twelve days into the new […]