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Weekending Under the Weather

a triple 1987 feature Friday night begins with our babes asleep a remote out of reach, we settle and sneeze Empire of the Sun always a favorite, really one of the best then Adventures in Babysitting, Some Kind of Wonderful restless, appreciative of stellar soundtracks, hairstyles. Saturday morning came late, sluggish on the fog of cold […]

This Moment::Whistler Blackcomb with Kids

When we moved to an island, we picked a hard habit to keep. Skiing is the best, the closest we get to awesome, but it’s also a total hassle. It takes days to pack, and with Canada on our horizons for the best of the snowy beasts of North America, there’s passports to find and […]

Weekending: Oh, Snap

Saturday morning: island cold snap low twenties,  salty puddles iced shut prairie grass stiffened like driftwood early, a rush outside turquoise sky nose, lobes, lips, lashes, lungs frozen before the top of the hill I fall head over heels for days like this,

Weekending: Training Wheels

off to a rocky start after our three year old minivan’s engine blew up we drove it, unfixable smoking into our driveway Mama, maybe it needs training wheels? wishful thinking, luckily we live on an island could be worse, as all things can. Friday’s night: restaurant on a cliff foie gras, wine, espresso, apple pie […]

These Moments, Happy Holidays

Christmas is a state of mind, and it begins with the advent calendar’s first reveal.  We torture Luke with incessant holiday songs on the stereo, and burn our evergreen-scented candle until we fool even ourselves into thinking the plastic tree from a box was real. Favorite recipes fill into stainless steel bowls and the oven […]