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Island Tidings: Paradise with Cabbage Key & Bob’s Island Adventure

Island Tidings: pictures and prose about our recent adventures on and off our tiny islandIt has been eight years since Luke and I had some time away together without a babe in my belly, without a babe at our side.  We eagerly awaited the sans-kids date and daydreamed for the day-night-morning away.  Plans danced into place beautifully, and […]

Island Tidings: Florida, 2011 & A Giveaway

Island Tidings: pictures and prose about our recent adventures on and off our tiny islandGiveaway!I could not have allowed my Icelandic-skinned little lady to go out into Florida’s sharp sun without her beloved bonnet.  I wish I made it, wish I could take all the credit for the color choice, brilliance in design and exceptional form […]

Florida’s Images {& a Poem}

An Ocean Musing BY HENRIETTA CORDELIA RAY Far, far out lie the white sails all at rest; Like spectral arms they seem to touch and cling Unto the wide horizon. Not a wing Of truant bird glides down the purpling west; No breeze dares to intrude, e’en on a quest To fan a lover’s brow; the […]

FLA Imagespoem

kkk Insect Life of Florida BY LYNDA HULL In those days I thought their endless thrum    was the great wheel that turned the days, the nights.       In the throats of hibiscus and oleander I’d see them clustered yellow, blue, their shells    enameled hard as the sky before the rain.       All that summer, my second, from city […]

Television & Tan Lines

Some days on vacation:we deepen tan line’s contrast, then soak up a baby pink, baby blue sunset over a pineapple palm.Some days outdoors:we frolic in Northwest’s puddles, shorelines and playgrounds. Some days indoors:we battle power struggles as television takes hold, in pleas and sadness.we encircle our TV in a family movie, in laughter and relaxation. […]