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Freshly Picked & Just Write: Reality in a Shopping Cart

Oh.  My.  Goodness.  Hello; it’s been a while.  I’m not only back from a recent trip to the east coast, but back into the rhythm of usual island days.  I took a break & a long one at that.  I barely replied to emails & kept my laptop zipped up for weeks.  It was everything […]

Just Write: Olive at Limekiln Lighthouse

A little before halfway through the day, I figured I should do something I’d always been meaning to do.  Outside, little wind, full sun and pouffy clouds.  Inside, I packed an Olive picnic, knitting project and sunglasses.  A usual circling of our minivan for errands and a mocha before I turned down the music and […]

Just Write, Swim

It doesn’t interest me if our daughters become athletes.  I want to know they have stood with a team, cheered or shrugged and tried their very best.  I want to see a smile in flushed cheeks and feel they gave it all in field or lane’s memory. This season in a pool at the end […]

Just Write: A Mama and Daughter Journal

I pictured this from the first moment I placed Betty Rose beside me to sleep.  As her Mama, I  want my words to help see a path for intention in her world’s journey.  I want to have an influence on her, as much as I want to keep a bookmark in her thoughts.  In the […]

Just Right {Portland}

I’m a fan of the show Portlandia and how it gets that city so right on.  My recent last moments in Portland, OR could be the start of Portlandia’s next episode.   I pinky swear this is all true. ::: I lived in Portland, OR exactly one hectic and crazy year to complete my Master’s […]