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Mamalode: Soft Hearts & Cowgirl Boots

I wrote an essay over at Mamalode about the incredible way our oldest daughter used her voice to speak up for herself: For so long I wished not that my oldest daughter Betty, age 9, would raise her voice, but that she would speak up.  And two years ago when I spoke up about mean […]

On Mamalode, A Different Kind of Role Model

Today, I’m honored Mamalode published one of my favorite essays I ever wrote.  It’s called A Different Kind of Role Model. An excerpt: I’ve started to tell my daughters that I’m beautiful. I look in the mirror and with them by my side I say, I look good. Saying so is part of believing so. And […]

Yarn Along::Mamalode, Sewn, Cast Off, & Read

Print:: I’m so honored.  Mamalode published my essay Out Fit In. An excerpt:

mamalode; in my basket, on the page

print:::Something happened.  I published a little essay called Sisters, Daughters on Mamalode. an excerpt: My eldest daughters compliment each other like a happily married couple celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  When one can no longer walk, be they too tired or weary from growing pains, the other swoops up to offer piggyback’s ride or wagon’s pull. […]