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Doe Bay Fest 2012

Even though it feels otherwise, I haven’t always been coming to Doe Bay.True.  I grew upgoing to Fleetwood Mac, Clapton, Moody Blues concertsin a boat that worshiped Pink Floyd, The Who in a Massachusetts home, my own record collection was beneath my parent’s 8-Track player.When I was barely old enough to go to concerts by […]

Today’s Mama: I {heart} Music, Always

I was once a tiny baby girl napping in the v-bearth of my parent’s first sailboat, Seafarer.  It’s namesake is an old poem from a surviving manuscript of Old English Poetry. “Mæg ic be me sylfum   I can make a true song  soðgied wrecan,   about me myself,  siþas secgan,   tell my travels..” […]

Doe Bay Fest

summer’s best plans:  doe bay music festfog thick like biscuits and gravy on early morning’s inner-island ferry looking through fog’s dirty windshield at san juan islands’madrona trees, deck-side i remember posting whereabouts of barefoot bandit on Facebooki’d overheard at local pet storeseveral months agowhen chase was hot,only to be contacted ten minutes later by a […]