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Father’s Day, First Week of Summer

It’s getting to be that time of year again: an endless flow of crowded ferries, limited downtown parking, strange faces in grocery’s checkout line, long ferry wait times, and scores of tourists circling about town on red mopeds or slithering across crosswalks with mumbles of what a cute town, what a cute town as they […]

Island Tidings: BBQ Season & A Giveaway

My ladies love Tom’s Strawberry toothpaste so very much and became hysterical as I said we could no longer buy it.  Minutes after I announced that they were looking at our very last tube, Olive broke into the bathroom drawer and began sucking on the sticky tube like a caged guinne pig having her last […]

bonnets, oh my & good bye [almost] August

Forgive me, blog, for I have lapsed. It’s been 21 days since my last post. The computer has been turned off, the camera’s image card is nearly full and my flip flop toes are sandy. My purse is still loaded with Maine maps and Cambridge receipts. Blue County Fair ribbons are on my dashboard. I’ve […]

Montana in September

Eleven reasons why Montana in September rocked: 1.  Lucy was as tall as Aunt Rose’s sunflowers.  2.  Tiller didn’t chase cattle or run away, but she did, however, run like a maniac. 3.  Naked Piper all day and lovin‘ it, even when I was freezing. 4.  Eavesdropping on Betty and Meritt’s conversation while they were […]

Sailboats, Tulips, Urchins, & Very Wet (little feet)

Forgive me, blog, for it’s been a long time since my last post.   Tipsy-turvy bi-coastal days of influenzas in Florida, on the plane and back again amidst our island’s tulips.  We tried to catch our breath between Lysol’s disinfectant sweet “mountain air” scent [And, oh, remember that dorm room smell – Beth and I […]