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Yarn Along: Newborn Knitted Goods and a Good Read

After taking full opportunity of crisp, cool air in a cloudless sky, I spent some time with things of beauty.  First, thoughts on the growing belly of a lovely friend for soon, I will attend her birth and I’m over the moon about that.  Her newborn babe, hours old, will slip into this diaper cover […]

Threads: Embroidery, A Wrong-Size Knitted Hat

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a maker, a crafter.  I sewed dresses for dolls, cross stitched bookmarks and made friendship bracelets with threads taped to my knee on long car rides.  As I became a Mama, I made things differently, crafted more.  I knit with a babe on my breast, I […]

Threads, Pages and a Giveaway

  The affliction of too many crafty habits keeps me on kicks.  I sew a lot of one thing, like last year sewing a million skirts for the Craft Fair.  And then when the last one sells, I’m onto something else.  Right now I’m onto camera straps.  I recently came across a bunch of bolt […]

The Perfect Giveaway: Lost Bird Found

I first found out how to eat a pomegranate from watching You Tube.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to stain my white walls or splash the ceiling before I figured it out.  I’d actually never even heard of the fruit before a few years ago.  Makes me wonder how I grew up without splitting the flesh […]

Yarn Along:: Little Lion Man & Reading Perks

yarn:: It’s cold, and every time I leave home I forget my mittens. My fingers don’t seem to warm up throughout the day.  They’re crampy and stiff.  I knit too much.  When I run, they get all tingly and often go numb.  I’ve taken to falling asleep with rice bags in my palms, which helps. […]