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Today’s Mama:::Henry David Thoreau Keeps it Real

For days I’ve been editing a piece of writing, delaying my *submit for publication* with taps and taps in keyboard’s delete.  I can picture the endless swirls of red ink and withdrawing it’s ragged edges of notebook paper from a writer’s workshop.  My mind was the real problem.  It wouldn’t stop spinning long enough for […]

Today’s Mama: Thankfully Full

Thanksgiving link to Today’s Mama

Today’s Mama: I Found Love in her Backpack

I’ve lived by the sea since pregnant with our firstborn, and remember in crisp detail each first steps each little lady took on sand, each first rock each little lady tossed into salty seas. Honestly, it doesn’t feel like much time has sailed by since our almost-seven-year-old wore diapers. She sings to pop radio favorites, […]

Today’s Mama: I {heart} Music, Always

I was once a tiny baby girl napping in the v-bearth of my parent’s first sailboat, Seafarer.  It’s namesake is an old poem from a surviving manuscript of Old English Poetry. “Mæg ic be me sylfum   I can make a true song  soðgied wrecan,   about me myself,  siþas secgan,   tell my travels..” […]

Today’s Mama:::Bounce

So much of parenthood depends upon changing perspectives, positions. Somewhere halfway through 2004 I clutched my ripe belly in the front seat of our white Jetta in standstill Seattle traffic and gasped.  Can you believe those parents?  Two portable DVD players on with constant cartoon stream?  Imagine if they just talked to their kids instead.Yup. […]