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This Moment::Whistler Blackcomb with Kids

When we moved to an island, we picked a hard habit to keep. Skiing is the best, the closest we get to awesome, but it’s also a total hassle. It takes days to pack, and with Canada on our horizons for the best of the snowy beasts of North America, there’s passports to find and […]

These Moments, Happy Holidays

Christmas is a state of mind, and it begins with the advent calendar’s first reveal.  We torture Luke with incessant holiday songs on the stereo, and burn our evergreen-scented candle until we fool even ourselves into thinking the plastic tree from a box was real. Favorite recipes fill into stainless steel bowls and the oven […]

A Weekend in Season

Friday began with a stomach ache of the worst kind nerves so thick I couldn’t  finish my coffee eight years since I lead a classroom convinced they’d call me Mrs. My Last Name and I wouldn’t turn around Kindergarten sub, my daughter’s teacher for the day puppets, songs, dance breaks, days of the week, numbers […]

Weekending {Welcomed, Thankful}

I am here, now, in this space so crisp and clear.  I’ve dreamed of it for about three months.  Yes, I’ve dreamed of this space, the visual of clearing off a cluttered desk with the quick westward swipe of an arm.  I’m in love, here.

Whidbey Island Birthday Party

   We traveled off island for a special party. Two years ago (is that possible?) I attended Alex’s birth and it proved to be one of my most life changing moments. (Thank you again, Don and Erika, for giving me that opportunity. ) I realized I wanted to be a professional doula and have another […]