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Disney With Kids

Florida, Part II. I drove with my RV parents to The Magic Kingdom while Luke flew coast to coast to join us. Betty loved having her car seat buckled to a couch as Lucy, our avid eater, was tickled by the idea of traveling within arms reach of a kitchen. Olive slept the entire way […]

On Writing About What I Know

In April I believe in lilac, tulip, daffodil – such stark color. Such stretch and mess, then a falling away. In Seattle I believe in salmon, Space Needle Views, Pike’s Place Market. Such bustle and choice, then noise, fried fish and a belief, above all things, in a cold beer or espresso. In motherhood’s first […]

Four & Waiting in Victoria, B.C.

Looking Back. A stitching together of all that remains unsaid, unaccounted for and unclaimed as a complete memory from my third pregnancy into a present quilt in time. Here is one of those squares… Victoria, B.C. September, 2009 “Wfewwwwph,” puffs Lucy, “I’m gonna get a big wish on this dandy-lioon.” We closed the book on […]

Montana in September

Eleven reasons why Montana in September rocked: 1.  Lucy was as tall as Aunt Rose’s sunflowers.  2.  Tiller didn’t chase cattle or run away, but she did, however, run like a maniac. 3.  Naked Piper all day and lovin‘ it, even when I was freezing. 4.  Eavesdropping on Betty and Meritt’s conversation while they were […]