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weekending: summer’s first weekend

Saturday morning: early, bright and blue Olive’s turn at soccer with family at sidelines in cheers, smiles only three years in the waiting yup, she was incredibly thrilled for her time to arrive

Weekending: A Run on March

it occurred to me right after I heard, Go! I wasn’t running just the 10k and not the whole half as I’d said over and over in the parking lot when asked I was running the whole 10k, like last year when I said I was running the whole half marathon so I ran, proud […]

Weekending into Spring, 2013

Friday’s sunshine came late showed up first covered in grey rain held tight after school drop off & since I’d slept in with a promise I wouldn’t drink coffee until I ran I pushed Olive in the stroller, running it seemed in circles up & down hills so easily she falls asleep this way, still, […]

Weekending into March, 2013

Today  really starts where yesterday left me wondering if people who live in always-sunny places can ever truly appreciate the sunshine.  with a middle girl sick on the sofa for two straight holy-high 104.3 feverish days of wind and rain, I drove out to the beach with a mocha, parked close enough to see the […]

Weekending Under the Weather

a triple 1987 feature Friday night begins with our babes asleep a remote out of reach, we settle and sneeze Empire of the Sun always a favorite, really one of the best then Adventures in Babysitting, Some Kind of Wonderful restless, appreciative of stellar soundtracks, hairstyles. Saturday morning came late, sluggish on the fog of cold […]