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Weekending: Oh, Snap

Saturday morning: island cold snap low twenties,  salty puddles iced shut prairie grass stiffened like driftwood early, a rush outside turquoise sky nose, lobes, lips, lashes, lungs frozen before the top of the hill I fall head over heels for days like this,

Weekending: Training Wheels

off to a rocky start after our three year old minivan’s engine blew up we drove it, unfixable smoking into our driveway Mama, maybe it needs training wheels? wishful thinking, luckily we live on an island could be worse, as all things can. Friday’s night: restaurant on a cliff foie gras, wine, espresso, apple pie […]

A Weekend in Season

Friday began with a stomach ache of the worst kind nerves so thick I couldn’t  finish my coffee eight years since I lead a classroom convinced they’d call me Mrs. My Last Name and I wouldn’t turn around Kindergarten sub, my daughter’s teacher for the day puppets, songs, dance breaks, days of the week, numbers […]

Weekending: Hello, December

I walked around all week with the wet, heavy blanket of a head cold spent one full daylight under covers tried the wellness trick, Friday’s fancy dress, big smile, long meetings still, throat sore, heels heavy, Lucy honored at her school: a leadership award for Work First, Play Later she dressed herself fancy, gave us […]

weekending:: october’s ending

I. I’m listening to The Lumineers loud, like ohh-goodness-I-have -neighbors loud a perk of three little girls in school