Technology Costs:: Today’s Stress

I’m typing on a borrowed laptop, my seven-year-old iMac is being whisked away for disk extraction, disk preservation.  [So lucky to have tech-savvy friends, tech-loaning friends.]  I bought my big, white beauty before I was a mom, before I knew the value of an extensive digital music library, digital photos numbered past 9,867 and a digital communication mainline on a daily basis.  When I bought her, all loopy on fertility drugs, I though she was a computer bad ass.  Now, she’s a dinosaur.  She’s been faithful but, well, really it’s not me it’s her.  It’s time for me to move on.  We’re just moving in new directions.

I’ve been in Florida’s tropical weather for most of the month with pictures and stories to share.  While south I stressed over intermittent server issues.  North, I now find myself with server, without machine.  I guess that’s technology’s topsy-turvy dance of the month. Like glue, they’re stuck inside my old, white beauty.  I have some pictures uploaded and accessible, so stay tuned as I navigate the loss of a desktop friend and financially finagle my way to a newer, more portable machine.

I’ve got a MacBook Pro crush…any suggestions on configuration for when I place my dream order?

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